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Clannad @ The Concert Hall at NY Society for Ethical Culture (10/2/2012)

I’ve mentioned my wanting to share the occasional “other” music review with the readers of my side blog because I do periodically get to see things that fall outside of my normal criteria as the PiercingMetal Master and Commander. You see, while I do tend to make room for Progressive Rock over on that site, there are sometimes cases where you see a performance that does not fit in at all with your standard theme. Despite this, the group still merits some thoughts and the sharing of any of the images that you snared.

Such would be the case with the Irish group Clannad whose music while never completely followed over the course of my life, has always managed to bring a smile whenever it was heard on the radio or when surfing around the Internet. The group actually is rather famous and when Skeleton Pete said he was going to the show, I decided to see about attending myself.

clannad, clannad concert photos

The show would be held at The Concert Hall, located inside the NY Society for Ethical Culture and readers of my site might recall how I have been to this space for the group Renaissance a few times already. I would actually be planning to see them here in a couple of weeks, but that is a story for another posting.

clannad, clannad concert photos
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Prodigal Child Jams Out For The Third Avenue Festival (9/30/2012)

prodigal child, prodigal child concert photos

Every year for as long as I can remember, my neighborhood of Bay Ridge Brooklyn has what they call “The Third Avenue Festival” and what this amounts to is a couple of mile strip of food carts, shopping booths and various musical presentations of assorted genre specifications. With that being said, this year I wandered the festival very quickly but made sure to stop for a few songs that were being done by the band Prodigal Child. I’ve known the band for years, and especially its members The Riddles, who I remember from The City Kids (a band that dominated the local music scene more than thirty years ago and whose name still resonates with respectful tales). Anyway, this band rocks the socks and always fun to see in action. They deliver the best in Classic Rock and get you on your feet or playing that air guitar and drums. By the way this is a strictly photo gallery posting with limited text so enjoy the visuals from their set with limited banter from yours truly 🙂

prodigal child, prodigal child concert photos
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Rocking Out With Ten Year Vamp (7/20/2012)

ten year vamp, ten year vamp concert photos

I went upstate for a couple of days to visit some friends and to have a little decompression time from the madness of the Big Apple and the frenetic pace that I have been keeping. After having some great dinner my buddy and I hit a couple of bars before deciding to settle on Billy Joe’s Rib Works to take in the nice waterfront night and kick back a number of cold beers. This place is great as far as a bar is concerned and while I have not yet tried the food, it sure smelled good to me. After finding a place right near the balcony’s edge where you could see the water, the band started playing and their name was Ten Year Vamp.

ten year vamp, ten year vamp concert photos
Debbie Gabrione

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PiercingKen Goes To The PDN Photoplus Expo 2011

It was almost Halloween and only a few short weeks after the NY Comic Con that I documented HERE over on PiercingMetal and that meant that it was now the PDN Photoplus Expo’s turn to take over the Javits Center. This was my second year attending and I would take this adventure with my good buddy Skeleton Pete.

Logo - PDN Photo Expo

For the most part this post will be one of photos only and I will admit to paying a little bit more attention to some of the models that we chanced upon. So without any further adieu, here we go.

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The “Figurations” of the Fashion District

It was just about a year ago when I was walking down Broadway on my way to see a publicity rep of note that I discovered a public art display that was really interesting. They called it the Sidewalk Catwalk or something of that nature and it was the kind of thing that made me glad that I almost always carry some kind of camera with me on my NYC wanderings.  You truly never know what you are going to see during the course of the day in this amazing city.  That brings me to this next blog posting, “The Figurations of the Fashion District”. The journey begins here on 36th Street and Broadway.  The sign below comes from a few blocks lower of course but I added it here for dramatic effect.

Welcome Fashionistas!

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