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Peace Of Stage Awakens “The Spirit Of Woodstock”

peace of stage logo

The Press Release:
Next month marks the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, originally billed as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music,” which was held at Max Yasgur’s 600-acre dairy farm near White Lake in Bethel, New York. Steve Gold, co-founder of Peace of Stage, LLC, was at the 1969 festival, and years later obtained the original wooden stage from the event. The company is now celebrating the legacy of the festival by creating collectible artifacts from that very stage.

“We decided to create various items of that legendary festival by offering small pieces of (literally) the centerpiece of the event, the Woodstock stage – the same floorboards on which Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and other rock greats made magic – as collectibles they can treasure,” says Gold. “People have an intense emotional attachment to the festival, whether they were there or not. With the Woodstock 50th concert still up in the air, the original stage is the only artifact that exists for people to touch and reflect upon. Its importance is beyond measure – it’s like the Holy Grail of rock music. To be able to give them a chance to own sections of the original stage is something I had to see through.”

Gold, who grew up near the concert site in Bethel, NY (and who attended all three days of Woodstock when he was just 15 years old), recalls how the stage was the focal point for the nearly half million people in attendance. “I had a friend whose father worked electricity for the festival, so I had unrestricted access to what we might call the backstage area,” he says. “I’ll never forget all of those people looking at the stage, half a million people directing their energy to one place. There were no cell phones; nobody was taking pictures to post on Instagram. You had a million eyeballs witnessing the greatest music that was ever played in real time. And it was all happening on these pieces of plywood.”
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Mattel Reveals “3” X-Men Barbie Dolls @ SDCC 2019

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The Press Release:
To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics, Barbie is unveiling three new dolls paying tribute to legendary X-Men characters Storm, Mystique and Dark Phoenix, information included below on each of the dolls. Fans can preorder the dolls exclusively at starting July 18, 2019 for $54.99 and they will be available on shelves starting in October.

mattel, barbie, x-men, x-men barbie collection

• Born Ororo Munroe, Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. As a member of the X-Men team, she confounds enemies with her ability to manipulate weather and the atmosphere.
• Storm Barbie® doll is as electrifying as the character she emulates. This collectible Barbie® doll captures Storm’s iconic look in a shiny-black bodysuit, cape and thigh-high boots, all with metallic-gold trim. Gauntlets, a headdress and her signature gemstone brooch finish the fierce look.
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Examining Bandai’s Big Hero 6 “Squish-To-Fit” Baymax

I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone who sees the hit film “Big Hero 6” loves the character of Baymax who is the hero of this animated feature. I recently got my hands on one of the cool products available by Bandai and opened it up to offer you this little overview. Let’s take a look. I apologize for this being a still photography “unboxing” but I didn’t have the proper set up for me to do otherwise at the moment.

big hero 6 the series logo

Behold the “Squish-To-Fit” Baymax which as you see comes with a miniature squishable version of the robot, two suits of armor and a vehicle. Here is the front and back of the packaging that you’ll find on the shelves.

bandai, big hero 6, squish-to-fit baymax

bandai, big hero 6, squish-to-fit baymax
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Hasbro Reveals “Captain Marvel” Action Dolls and More

I’ve just shared a little visual treat from the fine folks at Hasbro Toys who had recently unveiled the first wave of Marvel Legends Series action figures for the upcoming Marvel Studios film “Captain Marvel”. That post went over to the “Toys and Collectibles” section of and you can see it by clicking HERE since those kinds of action figures get featured over there. Now its time to share the stuff that is aimed at the younger generation of female collectors (generally speaking of course). Check out the press news and the colorful images of these dolls and accessories down below.

captain marvel movie logo

The Press Release:
When the universe is in need of a skilled and confident leader, there is no better hero to take command than CAPTAIN MARVEL! CAROL DANVERS becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Imagine the action, missions, and adventures of CAPTAIN MARVEL with dolls, role play items, and more inspired by the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL movie part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that includes AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!

(HASBRO/Ages 6 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $24.99/Available: January 2019)
Determination and a fluffy-tailed companion help guide CAROL DANVERS as she joins the Super Hero ranks as CAPTAIN MARVEL. Imagine CAPTAIN MARVEL commanding her fleet into action alongside her loyal companion, GOOSE THE CAT, with this 11.5-inch scale CAPTAIN MARVEL DOLL AND MARVEL’S GOOSE accessory, inspired by the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL movie! Includes full soft goods fashions and backpack accessory that fits GOOSE THE CAT inside! Poseable CAPTAIN MARVEL doll features 15 points of articulation so kids can put their doll in dynamic poses and move her into action! Look for other CAPTAIN MARVEL dolls to imagine suiting up to protect the universe! Includes doll, jacket, outfit, boots, creature, and backpack.

hasbro, hasbro toys, captain marvel toys, captain marvel

hasbro, hasbro toys, captain marvel toys, captain marvel
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Hasbro Reveals “Star Wars Micro Force WOW” Series 1

It’s no lie when I say that I grew up collecting the early “Star Wars” toys (which were Kenner at the time in case you didn’t know this stuff) and now with Hasbro holding the license for quite some time, the amount of high quality toys and collectibles are bountiful. For the adult collectors they have “The Black Series” of highly poseable action figures and now there is something for the younger members of your family circle to enjoy as well. Check out the details that we just received about the “Star Wars Micro Force” WOW Series. Images and press copy came care of the media keepers of the gate for the company.

hasbro toys, star wars micro force logo

STAR WARS MICRO FORCE WOW! Series 1: (HASBRO/Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $7.99/Available: Fall 2018). Peel the wrapper off of the STAR WARS MICRO FORCE WOW! Series 1 lightsaber blade to reveal the STAR WARS MICRO FORCE figures and sticker sheet contained within. STAR WARS MICRO FORCE figures are expressive, small-scale figures from the STAR WARS galaxy that let kids and collectors recreate their favorite STAR WARS scene and adventures in a micro galaxy! Decorate the hilt of the Lightsaber with the stickers! Blast into intergalactic action with squishable small-scale figures from STAR WARS MICRO FORCE! Includes 4 figures and 1 sticker sheet. Each sold separately. Available exclusively at Walmart Fall 2018 and at all major retailers 1/1/19.

hasbro, hasbro toys, star wars micro force wow series, star wars toys, star wars collectibles

hasbro, hasbro toys, star wars micro force wow series, star wars toys, star wars collectibles
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