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Disney Presents “Christopher Robin” Teaser Trailer (8/2018)

Based on all of the family-oriented coverage I’ve been delivering here on “The Chronicles”, the goal is to share more of the movie trailers for things that appeal to the wider audiences and that wouldn’t really fit over on the PiercingMetal website. As a guy who grew up loving the Walt Disney Pictures features, I was very curious to find this teaser trailer for the upcoming film “Christopher Robin”. Let’s take a look.

The Plot: Christopher Robin, the little boy from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, is now all grown up and has lost all sense of imagination. Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood re-enter Christopher’s life to help him find it again.
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Disney Presents: “Mary Poppins Returns” Teaser Trailer

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I’m going to assume that everyone who is reading this post has seen the beloved Walt Disney classic film “Mary Poppins” at some point in their lives if not several times such as I have. It’s one of the most heart-warming fantasy tales ever released and Julie Andrews portrayed Poppins in the timeless role. Now, some fifty years after that film “Mary Poppins Returns” and is played by Emily Blunt. Let’s take a look at the just released teaser trailer.

The Premise: Set in 1930s London, Jane and Michael Banks are now grown-up, with Michael still living in the house on Cherry Tree Lane. He lives there with his three children, Annabel, John, and George, and the housekeeper named Ellen. After Michael suffers a personal loss, Mary Poppins comes back to the Banks family with street lamplighter Jack, and eccentric cousin Topsy. (thanks Wiki)
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Paramount Pictures “Mission Impossible: Fallout” Official Trailer

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“Good afternoon Mr. or Mrs. Phelps, the trailer you are about to view is classified intelligence about the forthcoming motion picture “Mission Impossible: Fallout”. It opens in theaters this summer, towards the end of July, so please watch in a secure location to prevent security leaks.

The Premise:
When an IMF mission ends badly and Solomon Lane escapes custody, the world is faced with dire consequences. As Ethan Hunt takes it upon himself to fulfill his original briefing, the CIA begins to question his loyalty and his motives. Hunt finds himself in a race against time, hunted by assassins and former allies while trying to prevent a global catastrophe. (thanks Wiki).
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Netflix Reveals “Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters” Official Trailer

Hasbro Studios will be showcasing their own animated series on the Netflix streaming service and its a modern day take on the popular Stretch Armstrong toy. The show finds a younger Stretch and friends joining forces in a series called “Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters”. Take a look at the full trailer along with the casting of voice actors.

The Plot: Jake Armstrong, Nathan Park and Ricardo Perez were three ordinary teenagers in Charter City, until they were doused in an substance known as “Flexarium” during an accident. In which, their newfound superpowers garnered the attention of Jonathan Rook, the CEO of Rook Unlimited and benefactor to Charter City himself. In exchange for their freedom from authorities, Rook enlists the trio as Charter City’s superhero team known as the Flex Fighters (Stretch, Wingspan and Omni-Mass).
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Goodbye To “Breaking Bad”

Tonight the world said goodbye to “Breaking Bad”, a television drama that was really like no other that I had ever seen before and while I have watched the series finale, I will not be spoiling it for you folks who are still catching up to the show via Netflix or have the final go round on your DVR. Instead I decided to post a photo of the Mezco Toys “Heisenberg” figure. He is aka Walter White the shows main protagonist and he was masterfully played by Bryan Cranston. I saw this figure at this years Toy Fair.


For those hiding under a rock, “Breaking Bad” tells the story of Walter White (played to perfection by Bryan Cranston). A high school chemistry teacher that is dying of cancer and through strange circumstances becomes a methamphetamine drug cook. From here the ride speeds up and seldom slows down as a good man becomes a very, very bad one. My friends Skeleton Pete and Sea Pete were both watching this program from the beginning and suggested that I watch but I did not get around to it until very recently. Once it became available on Netflix I did my best to catch up in order to watch the end as it aired. I figured why not since I had no concert to attend and wanted to avoid any spoilers. I will say that the show kept my interest from the very first episode and throughout each subsequent season. That is not something you find being the case with so many shows. I applaud the creator Vince Gilligan for crafting such a storyline. It’s a shame that it has ended and “Wow” what an ending it was. Hopefully no one will spoil it for you.

The entire series is available on DVD so if you are one of those folks who like to get the series boxed sets I have embedded links for you to do so below on Do give it a watch.

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