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PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2012

Yep. Toy Fair 2012 begins today my friends and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be attending Toy Fair 2012 as a member of the accredited press once again. Oh alright, I can tell you “I am VERY excited”. This is my second go at this massive industry only event and its a great chance for me to observe and share the findings about the newest and hottest developments in the toy industry with you all. While the narratives for last year’s event reside on the Official Blog for PiercingMetal as opposed to this blog site, I wanted to make this post to let you all know to check over there for the upcoming coolness that I shall be bringing to the table. As expected this humongous trade show will be taking over the Jacob Javits Center for the next four days and I will have my good buddy Skeleton Pete Parrella along for the journey. He’ll be taking photos and notes for his own Skeleton Pete site as well.

Clicking the logo above will bring you to all of our posts about the event and depending on when you follow its lead, there might be more than the first time since the coverage will span numerous days and postings. I’ve disabled the means to comment on this post as its not much more than an introduction piece but do please let your topical thoughts be known on the posts that you will find on; Thanks for listening my friends and please keep your day a positive one.

PiercingKen Now Has An Official Google+ Page

Last month I mentioned that I had created an Official Facebook Page for and now it’s time to let you know that there is a new and hopefully exciting Google+ Page as well for that side of the social networking fence. You already know that we have been using Twitter for the blog since its launch day and if you don’t, well, please allow me to add to the mix that we have a Twitter account connected to this blog’s activity as well. Nowadays it appears that one needs a strong presence on the vital Social Networks to keep the visibility going and since I’ve found some success with them over on the site I figured let me tend to the house in similar fashion.

Click This Image for our Google+ Page

Now about our Google+. This is apparently the up and coming hotness but many writers, photographers and fans of the Social Nets are not yet sold on it. I don’t blame them because its moving too slowly in a time when things are getting to be almost instantaneous. I do like having an additional location for the blog sites postings but nothing is automatic for me at the point of this narrative. If I want a post to be on our Google+ Page I need to paste it in there for you. There are worse things that can happen.

Similar to the Facebook Page and even Twitter, you can share the content that you enjoy the most. This is their version of retweeting I guess and its able to be shared with one or all of your Circles. Fans of the blog are encouraged to “Follow” it as opposed to adding me onto their Circles of friends. Without trying to offend anyone please know that I love all my readers but let’s face it, a little privacy goes a long way. Real time friends and business associates all know how to reach me and I do interact with those who are following the site as well so there is nothing missing. Also in similar fashion to the Facebook page is that comments can be left on those shared posts. I maintain the same view on this practice that while I don’t mind you doing it, I really prefer to help the context of the blogs by leaving your views on the actual posts. It beefs up the views and of course the same topical, clear thinking rationale is what we love most. Angry belligerence and soap boxing with no apparent point has yet to be given the thumbs up and I don’t see that happening any time soon (sorry).

Now back to the sorting of images and ideas. My hope is to keep delivering some really cool stuff in 2012 and even getting some older things that just merited sharing with you in this little space. Thanks for listening.

PiercingKen’s Top Five Blogs Read In 2011

It’s been a very active year for me as a photographer and lifestyle blogger when it comes to the stuff that I have been sharing with the world on my PiercingKen blog. Longtime readers will recall how I launched this little space on the Internet to have an area to showcase my other photography and ideas that fell too far outside of my music journalist adventures that we present on and that leads me to this posting. What I decided to do was offer up a list of the “Top Five” most read blogs on the website. This is by no means a lining out of the most active writings for the calendar year itself but instead the most visited items that have been done since we launched the site. I felt that this would be a little cooler and if we end up with the same thing when 2012 closes its book, I will figure out something different to share with you. Doing something like this lets the newer readers enjoy some of the trinkets and possibly share with their own friends as new “discoveries”. The list is numbered as most popular in order of their visits. #1 is the obvious highest of the batch.

1. When Astronomy & Metal Met Face To Face

2. Hangry & Angry Fashion Show @ NY Comic Con/Anime Fest (2010)

3. Tom Otterness “Life Underground” A Public Art Display

4. The M&M’s Are Among Us

5. Nathan Saway’s “The Art Of The Brick” Exhibit

Looking at the list myself I had to smile a little bit as I recalled the circumstances that made them become blog as well. It strengthens my creative resolve and finds me super excited for the stuff that I will chance upon in 2012 and share with you all over here. Thanks for reading, commenting, liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. I appreciate it all.

Happy New Year 2012 From The Sole Red Solo Cup

Hey everyone, nice to see that you are finally awake and have gotten a start with your day on this brand new 2012. Did you have a fun New Year’s Eve with a cast of characters one can only imagine in the funny papers or did you just chill out in a calmer setting and raise a glass when the bells brought us into the new one? Whatever the case may be I hope it was a great one. I’m starting off the New Year 2012 with a visual from a little celebrity who is on an up and coming rise of his own. Yes, the Red Solo Cup. I caught up with him around lunch time when I found him just chilling out on a neighbor’s porch reflecting upon his night, his very popular theme song and how he will be approaching adventures of his own in the New Year. He didn’t seem to mind my snapping a photo of him, but he insisted that the exact location not be disclosed and of course no autographs were permitted. Hey, to each their own right?

Don’t feel bad if you were not aware of his now popular song, as he seems to be a forgiving sort, and will not be holding any grudges in the New Year. The song was done by Toby Keith and its a Country number of course. It’s a quirky little bit of melodic fun so I have embedded the video from a channel for your enjoyment. It speaks to the value of the Red Solo Cup family and if you have ever been at a BBQ, Tail Gate Hang, or some kind of band function you are very familiar with their benefits. Enjoy.

From the secreted think tank of the PiercingKen offices, I wish you and your families a very amazing 2012. Stay tuned for more.

Goodbye To 2011: You Were A 50/50 Year

Is it just me or was that a very fast year? I know I cannot be wrong in this because a lot of people felt as if they blinked and shazam, here we are a the end of another one. One of my friends said that this is the sign of getting old – the whole time moving quickly. These are people I don’t need to hear from LOL. Anyways, so this was clearly a year of good and bad. In some cases good and absolutely terrible which is unfortunate. We found births and deaths and the whole circle of life going on from the beginning of 2011 until its close. Of course I am not here to get all preachy but I will say let’s continue to strive to celebrate the moments that we have together since we can.

I am here to share some images that reflect the whole New Year’s Eve spirit in some sense and you readers might be surprised to learn that I shot these few photos back in March of 2011. I was on my way to a show (a usual occurrence to me) and as I glanced up at one of the buildings in Times Square I realized it was the one with the famous ball drop.

My guess is that they were dismantling the ball or testing it for issues even though the New Year was already three months deep. It was interesting to see being the case so out came the trusty snappy camera and some shots were snared.

As a card carrying New Yorker, I sometimes find the visitors to the city surprised about my lack of interest in being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. and I’ve not gone once. It looks like fun, but I am in enough crowds at popular shows and the idea of several hundred thousand people right on top of me is just not appealing.

I don’t begrudge those who love it, as I know several people who will cancel everything in order to be there, but its not my deal. I realize I don’t sound like much fun by saying this but trust me I still am more often than I am not. It was cool to see “the ball” being giving the once over. It was a very quick occurrence as well, so I was lucky to get the few clear images that I did.

I would venture to guess that I was down around Grand Central Station when I shot these and that just shows how good some of the zoom lenses are on these point and shoot cameras. Barring this next shot of course as it flashed bright and I could not get the focus to be right on target. Oh well.

These next two managed to do the trick. Loved the bluish light on the ball and felt that at least by seeing this live in an approximate region to the larger festivities when they would normally take place that I was good to go. Now there is no need to really be there unless I want to take shots of millions of pieces of confetti after standing in place for 14 hours.

If you are one of those folks who heads up there I hope you have fun and I shall speak to you afterwards. Try not to mass text people because apparently their replies are also en masse to the recipients. Let those who impact your life in a positive fashion receive a text all their own. It takes only a moment to do.

That being said…..Goodbye 2011, and welcome Mr. 2012. Happy New Year Everybody. I hope that it’s an amazing one with more good memories and positivity than anything otherwise. Be the best person you can to each other while you can do so. Live life outside of Facebook and Twitter but be sure to come visit us from time to time on this little blog because we love having you drop by. I thank you all for the attention you have given my music and regular life adventuring.