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Check Out The “All-American Summer Concert Series” 2018 Lineup

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The Scoop:
All-American Summer Concert Schedule has released their rundown of the free concerts that will be taking place on the FOX News Plaza on 48th Street just off the Avenue Of The Americas and its a wide gamut of stellar performers. Not only are these performances free of charge but they also serve up some BBQ ribs and chicken (unless I’m mistaken). There might even be beer which considering the time is kind of weird but here is the list of shows for you to begin marking down as interest items on your mobile device of choice or one of those handy dandy day planners that use pen and paper. I think its awesome that they do this kind of thing and wish there were more events like them.

The Concerts:
May 25: Lee Greenwood
June 1: Thompson Square
June 8: Mercy Me
June 15: 3 Doors Down
June 22: Lynyrd Skynyrd
June 29: Tobymac
July 6: Phil Vassar
July 13: Phillip Phillips
July 20: Dee Snider
July 27: Coming Soon
Aug 3: For King & Country
Aug 10: Cody Johnson
Aug 17: Scotty McCreery
Aug 24: Lee Brice
Aug 31: Scott Stapp

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Right off the bat I see a few that I am very interested in but I should admit something to you readers since we are close and all. Despite my efforts to be a part of more of these special showcases, I’ve only managed to catch the one that the legendary Alice Cooper did a few years ago. As they are free, its open to the general public and everyone records every moment of them for their Facebook, Instagram and whatevmer the hell else they opt to chronicle their world on so space is very limited. If you come in as a civilian you are among the crowd even if you decide to blog about it or post your pictures to a branded account like I would do. Now, folks in the unaware should know that these events start super early in the morning which is not always an easy thing for me if I’ve been at a late ending concert or event the night before. Some friends of mine go to these concerts right before their regular workday and I guess its pretty safe to use the excuse that the MTA caused you to be late since their overall services sucks so bad these days. Oh come on now you know I am right about that. So let close this up by asking you which shows you find most interesting and that you would like to attend. You can share your scoop down in the comments section below. Also, be aware that I will be listing every single one of these shows on our Events Calendar and the most topical ones from this list will be featured on the Calendar. Ciao for now.

Official Website:

The Quad Unveils “Hammer’s House of Horror, Part I: The Classic Years (1956–1967)”

Though I don’t seem to get to the movies outside of occasional Marvel film these days, I have to admit that this particular film festival sure looks interesting. Take a look.

The Press Release:
Throughout film history, many countries have had their own point-of-pride movie studios; Britain can claim several, whether as backlots or sites of creative capital. In Hammer Films, a genre-oriented counterpart to Ealing Films, the UK could boast of one with all that and more; Hammer’s output in the second half of the 20th century sent aesthetic and sensory frissons throughout the nation while influencing pop culture and world cinema. Although synonymous with horror, the Hammer library was stocked from the beginning with films of all kinds. Founded in November 1934 as Hammer Film Productions and based in London, the studio came out of the gate with dramas and then specialized in “B” pictures and homegrown tales, pausing only for WWII. A turning point came in the mid-1950s with a move into genre fare with an accent on the Gothic, and this first crop of titles in the Quad’s extensive two-part Hammer retrospective demonstrates that—as Universal Pictures had found in the 1930s—famous monsters were a good (and generally inexpensive) way to expand your industry footprint. Hammer finally made its first color movie in 1954; a good thing, too, since what would the next quarter-century of movies have been like without all that scarlet sanguinary screen imagery?
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Sony Presents “Blue Note Jazz Festival” Announces 2018 Lineup

Readers of my stuff on PiercingMetal know just how much I love the live music scene of our Big Apple. This bit of news focuses on a different genre completely from what I am used to and that’s why I am making sure you know the scoop about it right here on The Chronicles. Check it out.

The Press Release:
With over 100 events in five venues throughout New York City, the 2018 Sony presents Blue Note Jazz Festival will take place June 1-30, 2018. Sony Corporation is the Festival’s Official Title Sponsor and INGLOT Cosmetics of Poland is the Presenting Sponsor. Ticket information and a current schedule of events are available on the festival’s website, Additional performances, venues, and events will be announced in the coming weeks.

Highlights for the eighth edition of the festival include GRAMMY® Award winning trumpeter Chris Botti at the newly opened Sony Hall in Times Square; an intimate evening with American music icon Art Garfunkel at The Town Hall; two-time GRAMMY® Award nominee jazz vocalist Gregory Porter (presented by City Parks Foundation at Central Park SummerStage in association with Blue Note Jazz Festival); jazz fusion guitar virtuoso Al Di Meola; renowned folk singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot; a very special 5-night residency with future funk collective Lettuce performing for the first time ever at the historic Blue Note Jazz Club; jazz vocal group The Manhattan Transfer; Latin jazz legend pianist Eddie Palmieri; three-time GRAMMY® Award nominee and revered blues guitarist Tab Benoit at Highline Ballroom; iconic Brazilian producer, composer, keyboardist and vocalist Sergio Mendes; celebrated blues guitarist Robert Cray; GRAMMY® Award winning multi-genre vocalist/musician Bilal performing with Victory (presented by founding festival partner Jill Newman Productions); New Jersey-based rocker Southside Johnny and many more!

This year’s Blue Note Jazz Festival features the addition of several new key partnerships marking a new chapter in the festival’s history.
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Foodies Unite! Presenting “Eatellia” A New Food Photo Network

Recently, I lamented about the ending of the Foodspotting App in a post that can be found HERE. I loved it at first since it was easy to use and help broadcast that which I was eating but over the most recent months it seemed like it was falling to the wayside. I’d learn that it was because it was heading towards its end thanks to a purchase by OpenTable and now its time to move on.

This post is to introduce our readers to an app that was learned about while trying to get all of our photos back from Foodspotting but more on that later. Foodies of the world, behold “EATELLIA” – a Social Network that appears to keep it simple and functional which is a win, win idea in my book. Take a look at my profile down below.

eatellia, social networking, foodie

So while you see there are some “700” or so photos in the profile, I’ve only been using Eatellia for a few days. I was able to still import almost all of my Foodspotting images into this account. Sadly, I think the window for that kind of old Foodspotting integration is closed but you can try. Speaking frankly, I am quite disappointed in the lack of communication from OpenTable to the Foodspotting user community about their accounts and images. With the technology available today, the means to access ones images and perhaps move onto a brand-new OT account should have been communicated. The failure to do so makes me feel that my personal information was just purchased by yet another medium and I will be making sure that there is no trace of me on OT for the time being. It’s not a network I think that I need but I digress.

So far Eatellia is a fun app for me to use and since I don’t really like posting food images on Instagram and pretty much abhor the use of Facebook for anything other than feeds to “The Chronicles” or, think I will be continuing to utilize it. If I’m able to secure my press credentials for the Summer Fancy Food Show this year, you can count on my loading the account up with photos like you might recall seeing HERE. If you consider yourself a proper Foodie, then take that stuff off of the other socials and make them stand with something new. I’ve got their link down below for you to examine along with ones for both Yelp and OpenTable – the first so you can provide some value to the mix and the second to try and reclaim your Foodspotting stuff.

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ReedPOP & NY Comic Con Announce “The Dates” For 2018

Hey there my dear readers, I just wanted to alert you to this bit of news about the upcoming 2018 NY Comic Con. It came to us not long ago from the folks over at ReedPOP and you’ll want to mark some of this stuff down for good measure as its important if you are a fan of this massive convention.

nycc 2018, reedpop, ny comic con 2018

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I am going to stress the importance of watching for the “Fan Verification” email because I’ve had a lot of important messages go to my Spam folder over the last few months. Considering that you need to be verified nowadays to attend this event you are NOT going to want to miss out on this one if you have a profile already. The registration for Industry Professionals and the Press is already open and I’ve just requested my credentials for the PiercingMetal Media site. As most of you more tenured readers know, I’ve been attending this convention since 2010 as a member of the press and have put together numerous posts about it. If this is news to you then by all means please click HERE to peruse them to your hearts content. You’re also going to want to click through to the websites down below since they will help to keep you informed on all of the information that you need about this years convention. See you next time.

Official Websites:
NY Comic Con