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The Village Voice Ceases Publication After 63 Years

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If you walked the streets of NYC over the last dozen or so years, you might recall that bins such as these pictured below would be lined up together on the sidewalks and be filled to the brim with free newspapers such as “The New York Press” and the legendary “The Village Voice”. It was almost a year ago that I shared the news on PiercingMetal about the final issue of “The Voice” being published (which you can reflect on HERE if interested). Today there was much sadder news as the entire shebang will be ending and NO new content will be published effective immediately. The Official Statement from owner Peter Barbey is below.

“This is a sad day for The Village Voice and for millions of readers, In recent years, the Voice has been subject to the increasingly harsh economic realities facing those creating journalism and written media. Like many others in publishing, we were continually optimistic that relief was around the next corner. Where stability for our business is, we do not know yet. The only thing that is clear now is that we have not reached that destination. A fully digitized Voice archive will offer coming generations a chance to experience for themselves what is clearly one of this city’s and this country’s social and cultural treasures.”

the village voice,
The Final Print Issue (9/2017)

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Reports went on to reveal that in addition to the news that the company had terminated half of its remaining 20 employees with the rest working to digitize the paper’s enormous archives. Barbey acquired the paper in 2015 so hey, good on you for giving it a whopping three years. Having a print nowadays must be an uphill battle. Speaking frankly, I’m not sure how the digital archive is going to be received and if we will even be able to click the domain and find result after the coming weeks. I don’t look back on any reference materials other than Wiki pages or the dictionary for the most part and as far as physical editions, those days are over for me. Everyone is different and while I missed the sight of the newspaper on the stands for some weeks after the final one that you see in my photo from last years news I got over it and moved on. I will miss the existence of “The Voice” as a media entity because they did more good than not. I’m sad that I never tried to contribute to it as a notch on my own media belt but what can you do. We live in different times and the idea of casually leafing through a physical newspaper or deeply into a websites archive are alien terms to the youth of today. I read where we now have less of an attention span than a goldfish. Theirs is 12 seconds while ours is 8.5 seconds. Pretty amazing isn’t it.

Goodbye Village Voice I hardly knew ye. Thanks for the years of different journalism and features that kept NYC talking and a little more vibrant. If any of my friends had content in there I would scan it or copy paste the website pages into their own blogs just in case. I say this as someone who once counted on all his old “Metal Edge” content getting digitized and well…..let’s not go there.

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Mondo 2018 Conference HQ Moves To Williamsburg

Music industry folks by trade, as students, by hobby or just overall interested in the inner mechanics of the thing will be surely interested in this conference that I just got a press release about. Check it out down below. I’ll chime in with some editorial thoughts afterwards.

mondo nyc

The Press Release:
Mondo.NYC returns to New York City October 2-5 with a new Brooklyn home. The global emerging music and frontier technology conference moves to Williamsburg, its daytime conference HQ at the spectacular Williamsburg Hotel with evening live music showcases in legendary Manhattan and Brooklyn venues including Brooklyn Bowl, Pianos, The Delancey, DROM, Coney Island Baby, Berlin, Arlene’s Grocery among others. Tickets are on sale now, with special 50% pre-registration pricing and student discounts.

This year Mondo.NYC partners with The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Guild of Music Supervisors, Record Store Day, international consular and export agencies, and multiple additional partners to present a comprehensive program for industry, artists, media, and fans. At Mondo, fans connect with artists, professionals build their network, and leading names in music and tech engage with an audience of business pioneers and veterans.
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Here’s The Winners Of The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

Last night, MTV aired their 2018 “Video Music Awards” live from New York City’s famous Radio City Music Hall and when I stopped to consider the amount of Housewife Diary Shore Race reality programs that the network airs each and every day, I wondered when they actually had the time to show any music videos. Of course, I should stress that I hardly pay any mind to the network in today’s world since my own musical interests are so very different from what is considered popular over there. That said, I still wanted to share the winners of the “2018 MTV Video Music Awards” since I’ve done this kind of posting for the 2018 Academy Awards and The Tony Awards so why not keep on going. Here are the winners of the coveted Cosmonaut err I mean “Astronaut” from last night’s show.

Video of the Year:
Ariana Grande – “No Tears Left to Cry”
Bruno Mars – “Finesse (Remix)” [ft. Cardi B]
WINNER: Camila Cabello – “Havana” [ft. Young Thug]
The Carters – “APES**T”
Childish Gambino – “This Is America”
Drake – “God’s Plan”

Artist of the Year:
Ariana Grande
Bruno Mars
WINNER: Camila Cabello
Cardi B
Post Malone
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Steve Orlando Debuts Flame Con Exclusive and Special Guests Return to Flame Con

The Press Release:
Flame Con, created by the LGBTQ non-profit Geeks OUT, reveals a cover variant of CRUDE #1, the first issue of Steve Orlando’s (Supergirl) Creator Owned series of 2018.

“Flame Con is a vital event for the geek and queer communities, one of my favorite shows of the year and a powerful, joyous event,” said Orlando. “Doing a Flame Con Exclusive Variant of my only Creator Owned release of 2018, is an exciting chance to donate to Flame Con with each issue sold and support a much-needed celebration of queer geek culture.”

image comics, comic book covers, flame con variant

In conjunction with Skybound Entertainment, a limited series of the variant cover will be available for $30, with partial proceeds being donated to Geeks OUT. Orlando will also be debuting his latest take on comics with an original scriptbook for a never before published story, The Liberator. 100 copies will be available for purchase this weekend.
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15 Years Ago Today; The Northeast Went Dark

It was fifteen years ago today when a massive power grid outage found the lights going out on Broadway and well, pretty much everywhere else as well in this section of the Northeast. Are you old enough to remember this happening? I do and I was temping at a major investment banking house at the time doing some sort of technical hoodoo. I wasn’t writing any Metal articles yet but the time was drawing near for that to become the case. The photo below was a satellite image of the states and that sizable section of complete black on the East Coast was us. Good grief.

The incident occurred just after 4pm and of course everyone was still hard at their tasks. I remembered a “disruption” in the PC performance and vaguely recall a generator going on but it would be a short thing as my co-workers and I stopped what we were doing to figure this out. It wasn’t long before all were sent out of the building to make their way home in whatever fashion they could. The concern was what could have caused this to happen. Could it be another act of terrorism and had something destroyed power in the city? It didn’t seem to be the case and everywhere I looked, the people seemed collected and on the calm side which made moving about easier despite their being thousands of people at every turn. A friend had suggested we try to get a bus out of the city so I veered in the other direction towards 57th Street and once there determined that there was no way to get on a bus unless you rode on top of it like you see in those train videos from India. We still had daylight on our side so a hasty trek was made down Broadway with the plan of walking over the bridge back into Brooklyn and somehow getting to my apartment on 86th Street in Bay Ridge. Was I really walking home from the city? I guess I was and as I neared the Brooklyn Bridge I mused to myself that it was only 90 or so blocks once I got over the span. That’s doable right? Right? I remembered people walking too slow over the bridge and as someone who moves on the quick this was killing me but I am also chatty and made some travel companion friends along the way. One of them said that her friend was waiting on the other side and would most likely take me at least halfway to Bay Ridge since they had to go that way themselves. Getting to this dude took me about 7 blocks out of the path that I needed to stay on and of course when the woman and I found him, she got in and the ride was not extended to me. Truth be told I wouldn’t have given a complete stranger a life but also I guess that he was hoping to “get some” from his female friend with his “Knight in Shining Buick” rescue display. With her being a nervous wreck the whole walk I didn’t that was going to happen and I laugh at this today since I had hoped he wouldn’t after making me lose pace that much distance and being sidelined. A seven block veer is a problem when the night is coming up soon and the notion that there will be 0% light to guide you home is on your mind. I was both happy to have kept her company and also to have been rid of her since she was walking too slow anyway. I guess its safe to say that if we are ever in a “The Walking Dead” scenario that the slow pokes will not be in my command of the New Saviors at all.
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