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Feeling “Ghost”ly in NYC

So the other night I finally got the chance to see the band Ghost in concert with their show at the Best Buy Theater. It was a fantastic musical experience and once home while I was doing my photo editing stuff I happened upon a photo that I took of a church facade a couple of years ago and was surprised at how much this reminded me of the grim visage of Papa Emeritus II himself; He is the lead singer of Ghost in case you wondered. What do you think?


You don’t think so? Well, I do admit that when I took this shot that it was a late night and I think that is why I shot it in the first place, because it struck me as that sinister gaze in my relatively tired state. I guess the band was on my mind even back at that time but if you give a glance to one of my shots from the other night you might agree with me because sometimes the pulsating electricity that is the night in NYC can play tricks on your eyes.


That’s all I have for you tonight. See you next time.

To “Start”; or To “End” – Your Choice :)

For some reason this intrigued me when I was walking on Shore Road’s Promenade not too long ago and hence my deciding to offer up the visuals to you wonderful readers of the blog. As we close out on 2013 and all of its happenings perhaps we can use 2014 to “start” some things and “end” other things. I bet you never took me as being one who could get philosophical from time to time did you?


I’ll suggest that if there are some good practices for you to start in your day come 2014 or even right now then get to them. There is truly no time like the present when it comes to doing things that enrich your day and time and the people around you. A friend recently said to me that she needed to focus more time on the those that energize her day and that is a good suggestion all around. Feel free to steal that one for yourself.


As far as the end aspect goes, well, we are all in need of some personal house cleaning no matter what we think (yes myself included). Best of luck examining what you can place in this area and working away from it. On another token, I saw a Facebook wall post that lined out how someone was hoping to spend less time on the Social Network because it consumed her day and there was too much nonsense going on there for her liking. There is a good end for all of us if we should fall into a similar confine of our time.


See you soon dear readers.

Whatever Happened To Steppenwolf?

He’s apparently opened up a Production Company in NYC. Go figure.


Oh yes, so before you all ask, I totally am aware that this is not related to the legacy Heavy Rock band with the same name nor the insidious associate of DC Comics super-villain Darkseid. Figured I could avoid numerous comments about it by coming clean early on.

An Interesting Wall At Mama’s in NYC

I was in the city for a memorial function, and since I am always one that looks to make the most out of every single adventure I undertake, I always carry around some kind of camera on my person. This particular night found me first enjoying some dinner at San Loco over on Stanton Street in the LES, and yes I did make sure to add the dish to before I set into devouring it. Do please check that out. It was good.

From San Loco it was a quick decision to swing by a bar called Mama’s because a friend I had not seen in some time was working there tonight. He’s a transplanted Finnish musician named The Muff and I’ve covered his band Naked extensively on the PiercingMetal site. Based on my time frame I could easily pop in there for a beverage or two and then over to the memorial function. After some quick catching up it was time to break the seal as we gents always joke, and while I am not trying to be gross this action is paramount to the blog posting based on what I found in the Men’s room. Take a look and don’t worry its more strange than gross.

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Hungry, Hungry…….Toilets?

I realize that the title of this post was a bit strange but recently while at a restaurant and using their facilities to wash up. As one often finds in restrooms, there was a polite request to not throw paper towels or feminine products down the toilet but this one came with a really bizarre drawing. Take a look. This is one hungry looking toilet. Do you agree?


My apologies for the crappy image and wow, also very bad pun it would seem, but I didn’t have a lot of time to snare the best possible shot. I just wanted to make sure I secured something, anything that would allow me to share it with you. That is all for now, see you very soon.