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Bay Ridge Norwegian Day Parade (5/19/2013)

Yesterday it was a very gloomy and rainy day here in Bay Ridge but that did not stop the proud Norwegian residents from marching in honor of the annual Bay Ridge Norwegian Day parade. I really enjoy bringing our readers the occasional area parade when it is possible for me to attend and present you some visuals of the proceedings. With that being the case I will not say too much and let you instead feel like you were standing right there with me. Enjoy.

Flag - Norway
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Happy Easter 2013 NYC!!!

Just a quick post to wish our readers a very “Happy Easter” today, and while we fully realize that some of you were also celebrating Passover this past week, I extend a “Happy Pesach” to you folks as well. We do Easter over here in case you wondered and with that being the case I snapped some images specific to the day.


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Bay Ridge St. Patrick’s Day Parade (3/24/2013)

Hello my friends and welcome to Bay Ridge where earlier in the day we had our annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. This is the first parade of the year in our neighborhood and since it passes right by my block I always try to snag a bunch of images for you readers to enjoy. One of the main reasons that I do this is for those long ago residents who might have moved away from this neck of the woods so they get a little slice of the old neighborhood. Earlier this year my own family packed up and headed to South Carolina. Oh don’t worry, I’m still here in NYC and ready to entertain you again and again so let’s get started on these parade visuals. I’ll be letting the images do the talking and say very little until we’re done.

bay ridge, bay ridge st. patricks day parade 2013, bay ridge parades

bay ridge, bay ridge st. patricks day parade 2013, bay ridge parades
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Happy Thanksgiving 2012 Readers :)

I just wanted to take a moment and wish our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving for 2012. This holiday comes with some tremendous burden after the recent super storm that our immediate region took on and while we were fine, there are many that we knew who lost possessions, dwellings and their means of transportation. It is a circumstance like that one which makes you truly appreciate the comforts of family gatherings all the more. This Thanksgiving I headed over to the parents place and it would only be us this year which is kind of nice every now often. Now with you readers knowing how I play in both Yelp! and Foodspotting, I could not resist taking some food photos and sharing them in this blog posting. I opted for here instead of Facebook. For me this is more fun.

Here’s a shot of the bird fresh out of the oven. I do love turkey but think that there is never a day that I love it more than on Thanksgiving. It seems to taste so much better to me on this particular day.

The rest of our spread was mashed potatoes (both sweet and regular) along with stuffing, brussell sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, and gravy. It was more than enough and since it was only we three, I would be guaranteed some leftovers for the PiercingMetal Command HQ. I am very adverse to that. For dessert we enjoyed some cake, apple cider, a coconut custard pie and some miniature eclairs. Looks like I will need to do some serious walking tomorrow to work that off.

Part of me gets sentimental around this time of the year when I think of those who have left us and how the way things were done for such a holiday don’t get done that much but I am very thankful to have had those individuals in my life for the time that I did. I think back fondly at times at my Grandmother’s house where there was more food than one could imagine and a massive table of people and always other relatives passing by for a hello and a quick drink. Of course I was not drinking at the time. Really, I do mean that…..but I digress.

Today I am thankful for all those who have mattered in my life and whose very being enriched my own. Be sure to love one another while you can. That’s all I got for now. Happy Thanksgiving once again.

Happy Fourth Of July 2012

I just wanted to wish everyone an amazing Fourth Of July today. Let’s never forget the Founding Fathers of our Great Nation and the steps that they took to make this one of the most amazing countries in the world on this Independence Day. Happy 236th Birthday USA!!!!

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