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Happy National Cat Day 2014

Hey there readers, its apparently National Cat Day today and since I am a feline fan myself I wanted to make sure to say something about it.

Logo - National Cat Day
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Shadow’s “Lucky 13th” Birthday (9-24-2014)

Back in early 2002 I rescued a sweet black cat from the streets that had been hanging around my parents backyard. I had planned to keep her only a few days and put her up for adoption but she was so friendly and sweet, I decided to keep her. A quick visit to the veterinarian found her not only “about” six months old but also pregnant with kittens. I factored my date of rescue and the six months which means that around this time would be her birthday and that makes this black cat thirteen years old. A very lucky 13 for sure.


I named her “Shadow” and she is still here with me twelve and a half years later and of course a very big part of my personal world. I let her enjoy her “birthday” with as much sleep as she wanted along with extra food and treats for being good. She seems to be enjoying this process. I don’t put as much cat stuff on the personal site but I will try to do more of that since this is the everything else in my day kind of site. That being said, “Happy Birthday Shadow Girl”.

Goodnight “Friday” (8/22/2011)

Goodbye “Friday”.

Today was a bummer of a day as my folks had to put down one of the family cats. Her name was Friday because we because we rescued her on that day of the week almost 18 years ago in the dead of winter. She literally ran up to us while on the way home from a dinner out together and Mom insisted on bringing her home since she seemed to be personable and hungry. I felt that she was a lucky cat for chancing upon us that night since it dropped incredibly in temperature and even snowed a bit not long after we were home.

When we got her home and safe from the coming snowstorm and filled her ravenous appetite we made some calls and within days had put up some signs asking if this obviously used to a house cat had escaped someones home. We quickly learned from someone that another neighbor near us had thrown her out of the house at least two times in the recent past and from there we decided she would remain in our household. Can you imagine that kind of person? What an ass clown.

These two photos were taken very late in her life but its nice to have them just the same. For many a year she was a fantastic and interesting pet to have around. She always made me smile and was for all intents and purposes “my cat” for the time that I was living at home. She was a friendly and loving feline and I will miss her greatly. Bye Fri. You sleep now.