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Things That Make You Go……Holy F*&k!!!!

So I am at the NY Comic Con for 2012 and on the final day I slipped away with a couple of friends for some lunch at a nearby pub. On the way there we passed by some kind of styling parlor and well, the visual in the window just struck me as very disturbing. Take a look.

Am I wrong here? Please tell me that I am not because it was daytime and this sight just creeped me the eff out for sure. This struck me like something I would see on an episode of “CSI” or perhaps “Dexter”. What do you think?

You’ll have to pardon my being in the second shot as well, there was just no other way to do it since it was a room loaded with mirrors. I should stress that I don’t mean to insult the owners of said shop, but I don’t think I am the only one that this unnerved. Even my friends who were with me said “Yikes” when they saw it. Alright that is all I have for now. I’ll be back soon with more for your indulgence.

And There Would Come – A Logo…….

I know, I know……you’re probably thinking that I read too many comic books and enjoy far too many of those Action Adventure films and as result tend to be a little grandiose from time to time. Of course I really think that all of that stuff makes me a little more interesting and creative and that brings me to this little posting here on the site. Behold the official logo of “PiercingKen!!!!” (queue dramatic music and thunderclaps).

Alright so I am kidding around here and don’t technically really have a logo for this thing but I did have two unique photos that when placed together in the same space did amuse me enough to pretend that I did. These two images were snared during various wanderings and that is what I love most about this side home on the web for my ideas. I get to be a little strange every now and again and play with whatever comes to my mind. I think you’ll agree that it works. The “piercing” image was taken from the window of a place that does……yes, you guessed it…..PIERCINGS……while the second image of “ken” is only part of a larger neon sign that stands high above the Gowanus Canal. I have other pictures of that and its a blog for another time.

That’s all I have for now my friends. Back to some photo editing for but don’t you worry I am always ready to share whatever comes to mind outside of that with you here. Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Halloween 2012 Everyone!!!

Okay so now that Hurricane Sandy has left our region, it’s time for us to try and get back to as much of a bit of normal as possible. I do hope everyone that reads my blogs is okay along with their loved ones. With that being said, I am starting off this fun post by saying “Yay it’s here again” and that means Halloween, one of my very favorite times of the year since the costumes are out along with the super spooky decorations. With that being the case I once again wanted to showcase some of the creeptastic coolness that I have seen while adventuring around our city. Enjoy and please feel free to eat a piece of candy while you peruse these visuals. Let’s start off by wishing the world a very Happy Halloween shall we.

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Heading Off To NY Comic Con 2012 Today!!!

Hold my calls my friends because I am unreachable for the next couple of days and heading over to the NY Comic Con that is being held at the Jacob Javits Center. This will mark my third year attending the event as a member of the accredited press and while I shall be reporting on the proceedings for my PiercingMetal brand, I did want to put a little signpost here for you to examine my adventures as they get posted up on that site. You’ll need to click on the logo below to be brought to those posts and depending on when you do that will show posts as they have been added. If you’ve seen our other adventures at this fun event you know I do multiple posts across the span of days. Stay tuned for the whole batch. I’ve disabled the means to comment on this post since its nothing more than a signpost. You can leave any topical thoughts on any chapter that you are compelled to.

Logo - NY Comic Con - 2012

UPDATE: 10/14/2012: Okay we are back from the four days of adventure and to make it super simple for you to enjoy those photos and thoughts about the event, all you need to do is click the logo right above this paragraph. It will take you to the starter story which serves as my overview. From there the blog chapters are but a click away. Sounds like work, but trust me it makes proper sense when done like in this manner. Thanks for listening and now back to the sharing of whatever else I feel like in this blog 🙂

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9/11 – Let Us Never Forget…..

and really, how can we ever forget a tragic attack like 9-11-2001 in the city of New York, or even the world. It’s kind of hard to fathom that we are now at the eleventh year after this happened but we are and while we shall never forget, I think its very important for us to all try to heal all the more strongly. Of course its easier to say this than to do it but it is important to live on and keep the memory of those we lost in our hearts and not let grief or fear cripple us. This is the day that everyone remembers where they were when it happened if they are of a certain age. My own recollection was having just gotten off the train and noticing everyone looking downtown from 23rd Street. I felt it was like watching a scene from a giant monster movie based on the smoke and the look of awe and shock on everyone. At the office the news reported a plane off course but it was soon apparent that there was more to this. We were told to leave the city but when I made it back to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge all one could see in that direction were billows of smoke. It seemed odd. The MTA dropped us at Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street and it was above ground we all went. I somehow reached my Mother with my cell phone and asked what the latest news was. “They’re gone” she replied, “The World Trade Center buildings had collapsed”. Words that I never even imagined possible and yet this was indeed the reality.

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