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Big Changes Happening Over On

As you know, this little space on the Internet was created to be the home for all of the other adventures that I undertook outside of my main site. For four years I have been loading in a wide variety of what I felt you would find interesting and depending on what the adventure was, there were those times where I would send the readers here from the site. Well, today I am using to send you all over to the brand new and very excited to have in place “NEW” (queue dramatic music please).

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Much like the site that you currently enjoy, I have installed WordPress in the domain root and blew away the fashion in which you used to surf its content. I explain more in the link that clicking the logo will bring you to and I do hope you like it. There is so much more to be presented over there and don’t you worry, I love putting up different stuff about our city and the sights that I see around me over here and that will continue as well. Thanks for the interesting in both of these entertainment mediums.

Congratulations To Miss Lena Hall – A 2014 Tony Award Winner!!!

“And the winner in the category for “Lead Actress In A Musical” goes to Miss Lena Hall for “Hedwig And The Angry Inch”!!!! (applause are thunderous) I am so excited to be putting this post up on the site because one of the things that I love doing with this blog is to showcase the talented people that I have had the pleasure of meeting during the course of my adventuring. Such was the case with singer/actress Lena Hall who I met when she was fronting a Retro-Rock sensation called “Cocaine The Band”. The music was awesome and the bands individual persona were very well thought out. I greatly enjoyed what this was presenting.

Lena Hall as Coco Caine

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PiercingKen’s Adventures At Book Expo America 2014

The Book Expo America or “BEA” for 2014 started the other day over at the Javits Center and I was happy to once again be a member of the press in attendance. The event spans three days and locks out the first two to professionals and press with the final day being open house for the general public. My coverage from across the two days that I was in attendance can be found on the site and you can check out the presentation by clicking the logo directly below this paragraph. As has been my practice in the past, my main interests at this event are to focus on the film and comic book properties that my PiercingMetal readership enjoys along with any related music tomes. I hope you will join us over there by clicking through.

Logo - BEA

I’ve kept the chapters to about fifty images apiece as I have done in the past with the Comic Con and Toy Fair narratives to allow for the ease of enjoyment and maximum engagement of the folks being discussed. Since the coverage is on my other site, I have also disabled comments and pingbacks on this post but encourage they be left on those PiercingMetal narratives should you feel inclined to chime in. I’ll see you here again soon with more interesting and unique postings as they come to me.

Happy Memorial Day 2014 NYC – Never Forget The Sacrifice

Today is Memorial Day and I always like to post something here for the readers because this particular holiday is much more than sitting back to enjoy some cold ones and enjoy a few BBQ burgers. It’s a day where we should also reflect on those who served in the US Armed Forces and paid the ultimate price for our freedom. For this year’s reflection I simply shared some images of the red, white and blue. Of course this first one was displayed in paint on the front window of a Bay Ridge Brooklyn diner called Hinsch’s.

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The PiercingKen Blog Is Officially Four Years Old!

According to the calendar it would seem that this little side project of mine has achieved its fourth year of online time and I can honestly say that it has been fantastic (hence my use of the classic Fantastic Four numeric below).  I felt that it was perfect for the occasion don’t you agree?  So here we are at this Internet milestone and welcome to the beginning of the march towards year five. It’s been an interesting ride so far that is for sure.


Now for those who are very new to the domain, let me educate you a little and say that this is my “everything else” site and I came up with that description based on it being everything that would not properly fit on the blog for – This often leads me to the question as to why I don’t just post these thoughts and images on my Facebook Page or on its own Official Facebook Page and the answer is simply because that would limit the flow of creativity from reaching more and more people that are not my “friends” or even following me via that profile.  Life is far bigger than Facebook my friends and its time to let your creative energies flow wider and wider on as many guide posts as possible.  Granted its nice to have it in your corner but don’t let any of these things become the only place for your ideas.


Sorry for the soap boxing there but I just want more of my creative friends to choose this path for their ideas because what they do is absolutely wonderful and worth seeing/learning about. Now what can you expect during this coming year. Well one of the things I want to do is offer up more touristy visuals from adventures around the city or wherever I end up and decide to snap images of. That stuff is fun and kind of gives our out of country friends more desire to visit these parts. I think its also great to share museum adventures and art installations that I chance upon here or surprise musical stuff that’s not Metal at all. Remember that the goal behind this site was a less constricted, less restricting world and what I put up here is pretty much kept to whatever crosses my mind at any given time. Perhaps as we head onward I will ask a couple of talented people to join the mix and see what they think and want to share with you. That is what is coming and a whole lot more of it so I hope this answered the question 🙂 Thanks again for reading. We love having you hear. Closing up I just want to “Thank You” for the support/interest/curiosity as to where this is all heading with cake.  I recently discovered these and they are AWESOME. They really are 🙂


See you all soon with more interesting observations and visual stimulation that will hopefully inspire and entertain you.