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Celebrating Finnish Independence Day 2012

Hey there readers. Today is Finland’s Independence Day and I did what I felt was a fun narrative over on my Official Blog for; In the narrative I reflect on the nations musical providers and which of them are of most importance to me as a fan of the Metal scene. Click the flag to be transported over to the posting and if you have some input, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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It’s been a very Finnish week for us in terms of both blogs because I only recently covered the photo exhibit at Ivana Helsinki NYC Concept Shop and later on tonight I celebrate the country’s big day by checking out Sonata Arctica and tomorrow I return to the Helsinki shop to see what their “Northern Oddities” display is all about. It should be fun and yes you can count on blogs and stories and images from them all. Stay tuned for that stuff and once again, Happy Independence Day to Finland. It’s their 95th you know….

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My Secret Remedy Cure-All Now Shared With The Worldwide Readers Of

You should try it sometime because it really works. I make sure to let this happen all the time and even share it with others. That is all I have for now my friends. Have an awesome everything and stay tuned for more whatever I come up with.

Meet “Truculentus Flora” The Plant…..

Do you remember the movie, then Off-Broadway play and eventual movie once again called “The Little Shop Of Horrors”? You don’t!!!!! Crap. Well, okay to sum it up it’s a love story about an alien plant with a ravenous craving for blood and its hapless owner/minion to its insidious plans. There you go. Done. Look it up if you need some additional information, it was a fun film and it’s a musical by the way (well, at least the latter two instances of it were). I admit that I never saw the original film by Roger Corman. So with that being said while on some wanderings with our fellow blogger buddy The Beehivehairdresser, I chanced upon a very strange looking plant and one that totally seemed aimed at us all with sinister intent. Take a look and tell me if you disagree.

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Don’t Worry Be Happy :)

I’ve been wanting to use this photo for awhile now, and I figured now was as good a time as any. I actually captured this image while wandering the city to one of my adventures earlier in the year and not really having the best of days. When I glanced down and saw this slightly blemished and worn smiley on a string, I had to admit that it made me smile and helped clear the head. You see, this little yellow face was just lying there and had been stepped on, blown about by the elements and was showing signs of wear but the smile was still big and visible. I took that as a kind of a sign.

So what was troubling me you might ask? Eh, it was nothing all that worth mentioning. I was just having a slightly frustrating day and I guess it was all taking its toll. This little image reinforced my resolve and I hope that whenever some minor stuff is plaguing you that you can find some inner strength to just smile through it. I think it helps a bit.

Things That Make You Go……Holy F*&k!!!!

So I am at the NY Comic Con for 2012 and on the final day I slipped away with a couple of friends for some lunch at a nearby pub. On the way there we passed by some kind of styling parlor and well, the visual in the window just struck me as very disturbing. Take a look.

Am I wrong here? Please tell me that I am not because it was daytime and this sight just creeped me the eff out for sure. This struck me like something I would see on an episode of “CSI” or perhaps “Dexter”. What do you think?

You’ll have to pardon my being in the second shot as well, there was just no other way to do it since it was a room loaded with mirrors. I should stress that I don’t mean to insult the owners of said shop, but I don’t think I am the only one that this unnerved. Even my friends who were with me said “Yikes” when they saw it. Alright that is all I have for now. I’ll be back soon with more for your indulgence.