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Beware Of The Secret Fare NYC

This is a Piercing Ken PSA

By now, all the card carrying New Yorkers know about the MTA subway fare increase and as expected we are all rather upset about it because services remain lackluster while ridership seems to be up more and more each day but it is what it is. The reason I’m posting something is because the other day when I went to refill/replace my card, I saw the sign posting below as I began my transaction. Yep. If you want a new card you will be charged an additional $1 so you might want to hold onto a couple of your depleted ones so you can just refill them and not face the additional charge. I guess someone finally decided that all the tens of thousands of plastic cards that are laying around in the stations and in the streets are unnecessary litter.


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Enjoying “Heavy Metal Mondays” @ Terroir Bar

Yesterday I posted something that I felt was a whole lot of fun over on the site and what it amounted to was a night of Heavy Metal music in a cozy wine bar called Terroir located in the Murray Hill section of NYC (that’s near the Gramercy Theatre kinda sorta). They were calling this event “Heavy Metal Monday” and since it had the “Metal” prominence I felt that I should load the story onto the music related site. I attended this event with my buddy “The Big Cheese” of the Heavy Metal Mayhem online radio show and if you click the graphic below you will be transported to my overview.

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Getting My Geek On….Well, At Least Where I Used To…..

Was wandering around my neighborhood the other day (a practice I am generally involved in) and happened by a spot that I have not thought about in a very long time. The main reason for this is based on the location not being what I originally knew it to be for many, many years. Do any of you readers recognize the spot which is on the corner of Fourth Avenue and 94th Street?


If you don’t this was the former location of a place called Bill and Bob’s Comics and I went there religiously each and every week with the allowance money and eventually the earnings from odd jobs during the course of my youth. To say that I spent a lot of money there over the years would be an understatement. It was here I went from a couple of books a week to full on runs of Marvel and DC Comics with the occasional Image or Valiant title when those became popular and they even allowed you the means to easily get complete boxes of the latest trading cards. Action figures were not as much a big deal when this place was in its heyday and I don’t recall them really having any in their later years but I might be mistaken in that. It was run by a father and son team and would close when the Dad passed away while at the same time moving down to a part of Park Slope. Now that is also gone to my knowledge but there are other comic shops in each region that you can get to with minimal travel.


Just sharing a recollection with you. Sadly I have no “classic shots” of the store but originally it was only the left hand side of the visible space and eventually expanded when the right side became available. Despite that I do remember that it was in here that I first purchased many iconic titles like “The Dark Knight Returns”, “Watchmen”, the #1 issue of “Spider-Man” by Todd McFarlane, “Crisis On Infinite Earth” and the eventual “Death Of Superman”. I can go on and on, but another important fact was the back issue boxes allowed me to quickly complete collections or series runs. Yeah I had a lot of luck in them back then. Eventually some kind of interior decorating service took it over if memory serves me but I believe they have also shut down at this point in time. If you remember the place and feel like reflecting as well, the comments are open for such things.

Talk again soon.

PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2013

A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending the 110th Annual Toy Fair or Toy Fair 2013 as many referred to it. This time around I decided to space out my postings as opposed to doing several days of continued blogs that finish in one single week. With many of the items not being readily available it made more sense and if you click the photo below you will be magically transported to the available run of them. This is my third year straight attending as a member of the press and I am all the more excited about going. I’ll be joined by Skeleton Pete once again and he will be dishing out the narratives and views on his own site so be sure to hit his link on the bottom of our website and show him some love. Have fun with the series, I know I had fun putting all of this together.

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Another Rule Of Thumb For Better Living……

It’s a crazy world out there almost every single day and maybe we all just need to get a little more of this into our lives. After I saw this hanging in a window, I knew that I had to offer it up for any who could use a dose of positivity in their day. I will admit that I sure don’t mind.


That’s all I have right now, “speak” to you again soon 🙂