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Features both museum and public art displays.

Walking Next To The “Sidewalk Catwalk” Fashion Display

You really never know what you are going to see in New York City at any given time and how a simple walk to the office of a friend can find you stumbling upon something interesting and really cool.  Such was the case that I would find while heading over to a publicist’s office to pick up some new review materials for  I was in Times Square, and the day was nice, so I decided to walk down Broadway even though their office was a good mile down the avenue.   As I began the wander I realized that as far as my eye could see, how mannequins dressed up in very detailed designs were positioned along the same path I was going.  This was New York’s Fashion District and I had accidentally come upon a public art project called “Sidewalk Catwalk”.  Walk with me for a few minutes.

Designer: Catherine Malandrino

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Tom Otterness’ “Life Underground”: A Public Art Display

“Life Underground” is the title of a public art project that was commissioned by the city of New York and done by sculptor Tom Otterness.  Made of bronze, the humorous figures depict scenes of what goes on down here and gives some insight as to what might go on when there are only a handful of people around.  Recently I took a ride over to the 14th Street and Eighth Avenue station via the “L” train and wandered around the platform and just above it to see how many images I could snare of these citizens of the subway system.

tom otterness, life underground sculptures

The first one I caught site of was this snake and since this is one of the “supposed” things we would find down here I am just glad that he wasn’t real.  We’ve all seen rats scurrying about on the tracks but luckily no snakes.  I guess if there were any of those around there would be less rats eh?  Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Nevermind, let’s continue.

tom otterness, life underground sculptures
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