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Last Rites Tattoo Theatre @ NY Empire State Tattoo Expo 2017

last rites tattoo theatre logo

As previously reported, I was wandering the aisles of the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo that was being held at the Hilton hotel. Not only was this event the place to be for all fans of the ink, but it was also for art lovers as Paul Booth brought a whole crop of paintings by artists featured in his “Last Rites” Art Gallery. Sadly I didn’t have a spec sheet so this is just photos for you to see. If you know some of the talent, send me a message on our About Page so I can edit accordingly. Enjoy.

last rites tattoo theatre

last rites tattoo theatre
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Exploring “Canstruction” 2016 @ Brookfield Place NYC

It was that time of year again here in NYC as the “Canstruction” project had assembled the wonderful works of art and displayed them around the lobbies of Brookfield Place down in Battery Park City. I was happy to return to focus some time on this presentation because its for a great cause and I have a lot of photos to show you from it. Before we begin let’s take a look at the premise of the charity itself.


“Canstruction® is a unique, trademarked charity which hosts competitions, exhibitions and events showcasing colossal structures made out of full cans of food. After the structures are built, the cansculptures® go on display to the public as a giant art exhibition. At the end of the event, all food is donated to local hunger relief organizations. Recognized for our commitment to innovation, hunger relief and collaboration, our work has helped raise nearly 40 million pounds of food since 1992. Canstruction® events are hosted in over 150 cities around the world including North America, Australia, South America, Europe and Asia.”

canstruction new york 2016

As you can see by the signage above, the display of these “Canstructions” will be here until 11/16 and that is why I rushed to post this. I want all of my readers in the vicinity to see this cool idea – especially since its for a good cause. There was a map of the locations of the constructs and I felt that the best place to start was at the beginning. Sometimes I will have a few photos of a particular sculpt since there was more to look at or it needed a little more of a distance glance. Here we go.

canstruction new york 2016

canstruction new york 2016

canstruction new york 2016
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Check Out The “Story Of My Life” Mural By Hicks On Houston St. & Bowery

It seems as though I haven’t been down in this immediate area for a few months because the latest mural is not only awesome but has been in place since the end of August. It’s called “Story Of My Life” and is the work of Logan Hicks. I loved it and snagged a couple of photos as I headed down to the Berlin NY club for a media event. For me this mural speaks to the vibrancy and essence of the city and according to what my research has found me is based on a photograph that Hicks took of a crowd of people on the corner of Spring and Greene Street.


Here is another visual of this with less “real” people in front of it. I couldn’t do any additional shots as I was running late to my event and I still had several blocks to walk to get there. I also used my mobile for this one exclusively as opposed to pulled the DSLR or point and shoot out of my bag. That was a different process for me since I usually do something with each device.


This sort of thing is another reason that I love NYC. There is something at every corner of your eye to see and talk about and share with friends. Keep that creative process going my friends. Especially if you are visiting the greatest city in the world. We don’t mind at all if you snap photos of the stuff around you. Remember we are all pretty much carrying super resolution devices thanks to the mobile quality and it seems as though everyone is using Instagram or Snapchat nowadays. Work it.

The David Bowie Mural Reminds Us Of Loss On The LES

The great David Bowie has been gone for a couple of weeks now and in addition to the throngs of fans showing up at his former place of residence not too far from where I snapped these photos, the proprietors of The Graffiti Room (a Ramen Shop on the corner of Kenmare Street and Mott Street) have lent their wall to this stunning mural. I took a wander over to the murals location since I was heading into the city for a Metal concert. After seeing it on a friends Instagram I knew I had to have my own photograph of the work.

david bowie, david bowie mural, nyc murals

The location is a short walk from the N, R, D, F, and 6 trains so do be sure to see it with your own eyes before it should go away. As nice as it is, nothing in NYC remains forever these days. While I was there I ended up taking some photos of passerby who wanted to be in their own shot but they had no selfie stick to get a proper full view. I didn’t mind and then when one asked if they could do one for me. I felt “why not” but as you can see I was not in the mood for smiling since the musical void that Bowie left behind was still resonating in my mind. This one hurt and our new year was not off to a good start with the loss of such a talent. Anyway, do make sure you see this mural in person while you can and should you like to see some of the visuals that I captured in front of his former residence you can click on THIS LINK.

david bowie, david bowie mural, nyc murals

Thanks again Mr. Bowie for all of your musical inspiration and creativity. I doubt we shall find as prolific a sort in music any time soon. Those interested in learning more about his storied life and career are directed to his Wikipedia entry which is linked below.

Official Website:
Official Wiki:

Exhibition of Printing & Publishing In Ancient China @ Javits Center

Yesterday I posted an item on contemporary Chinese art which was being shown in connection with the Book Expo America event over at the Javits Center. This year, China was the country of focus and this display was in the main hall and open to the general public along with one that showcased the techniques of printing and publishing in Ancient China. I’m rushing to get these two posts to your radar because they close quite soon (I think today and tomorrow are the remaining days) because while the larger BEA event is industry only, this part is come one, come all. Hopefully many of you readers can get over to the Javits Center and see this. There’s not much narrative discussion here and instead just images displaying on your favorite devices. Enjoy.

ancient chinese printing exhibition

ancient chinese printing exhibition
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