Beware Of The Secret Fare NYC

This is a Piercing Ken PSA

By now, all the card carrying New Yorkers know about the MTA subway fare increase and as expected we are all rather upset about it because services remain lackluster while ridership seems to be up more and more each day but it is what it is. The reason I’m posting something is because the other day when I went to refill/replace my card, I saw the sign posting below as I began my transaction. Yep. If you want a new card you will be charged an additional $1 so you might want to hold onto a couple of your depleted ones so you can just refill them and not face the additional charge. I guess someone finally decided that all the tens of thousands of plastic cards that are laying around in the stations and in the streets are unnecessary litter.


Honestly I think that making us refill the card is a good idea, but give us an additional ride for free to do it before penalizing us for not doing it. The fare is already too much in my eyes and I am sure a lot of you feel me on that one. Oh yea here’s those same instructions for all of our Spanish speaking readers. I would have preferred to get Bloomberg to read this aloud but I could not get through to his assistant to make the request. This will have to do.


I guess a number of you have seen this already. So feel free to post your thoughts in our comments section. Once again more money goes out of our pockets than comes in. Oh well.

One thought on “Beware Of The Secret Fare NYC”

  1. I agree that refilling cards for all you New Yorkers is a great idea, but for someone like me who only goes down to the city once or twice a year, this stinks! It’s already crazy expensive to visit! I guess NYC hates visitors too.

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