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It was only a few short weeks ago when I shared the nominees for this years “Bit Awards” and if you missed that announcement you might want to click HERE to be up to speed. Just the other day the winners were announced and I’m sharing the press release and the names of those who took home the prizes down below. Since this alert didn’t remind the fans about the nominees you should definitely look at the other post to see who didn’t win in case some of your favorites are among them. Let’s go.

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The Press Release:
The 3rd Annual Bit Awards presented by Playcrafting was a night to remember! On Friday, February 1st, hundreds of game developers and enthusiasts from across the country convened at Parsons The New School of Design in New York to see who would bring home the hardware and honor those who have moved the gaming community forward at the Big Apple’s most diverse and interactive celebration of rising game developers.

Our host, actress and producer Carolina Ravassa, kicked off the celebration by reminding the audience of the transformative power of games, and welcomed some of the biggest names in gaming, such as The Polygon Show hosts Chelsea Stark, Ashley Oh, Simone de Rochefort and Allegra Frank, massive streamer swiftor, Francesco Antolini and Omar Shakir from Avalanche Sweden’s NYC studio, as they introduced this year’s Bit Awards winners and honorees.


Honors the best game made for PC, console, web or arcade.
Swimsanity! by Decoy Games

Honors the best game made for mobile devices.
Into the Dark: Narakan by Orc Punk

Honors the best tabletop game (card games, board games, etc.).
Gladius by Victoria Caña and Alexandre Uboldi

Honors excellence in game audio and/or visuals.
Hamsterdam by Muse Games

Honoring the best game made for VR, AR or MR
The Take by Stuido Studios

Honors the best game made primarily by students in an educational program.
King of the Hat by Business Corp. Incorporated (Dawson College)

Chosen by public popular vote. All platforms are eligible.
Swimsanity! by Decoy Games

Peer-selected awards granted to gaming community leaders on the rise from the three cities in which Playcrafting operates.
Sam Eng, Snowhydra Games (New York)
Caroline Murphy, Boston FIG (Boston)
Don Bellenger, SUPERSCARYSNAKES (San Francisco)

Honors an individual for his or her commitment to games as an art and industry.
Jen MacLean, International Game Developers Association (IGDA)

This year’s Bit Awards was also the most interactive show yet! The Adventure Society took audiences on an epic, virtual journey through space. ESC Games turned our smartphones into controllers. A live Hamsterdam-inspired dance battle brought the characters from the “Best Style” category winner to life. And throughout the night, composer and musician Zac Zinger and “The Bits” provided a melodic backdrop with brilliant musical performances.

Additionally, the evening featured eight exclusive, indie game world premieres for audiences to add to their game queues, including Mokuni Games with Reinbear, GrahamOfLegend with Super Space Club, the latest trailer for Adams Ascending, DLC for Reassembly, Goodnight Games debuting Plunder Kings, a new level in Tigertron’s VR journey Jupiter & Mars and the public beta announcement for Decoy Games’ Swimsanity. Playcrafting Founder and CEO Dan Butchko also announced the 3rd Annual Play NYC convention will return on August 10-11, 2019 and the company’s recent alliance with Bose to power game developers through the new Bose AR technology.

“Games bring people together and The Bit Awards is the one time of year we get to celebrate the incredible talent from across the gaming community,” said Dan Butchko. “From the inspiring speeches from industry trailblazers to previews of what’s to come like Play NYC, The Bit Awards is a culmination of everything Playcrafting stands for, and we’re excited to continue working alongside our community and partners to create safe spaces create, learn and play.”

Visit here for more information on the 3rd Annual Bit Awards including the full nominee line-up, and visit here for images from the show.

About Playcrafting: Playcrafting is the largest network of game developers in New York. Started as a small Meetup group in 2009, the organization has grown to 30,000 strong across the U.S. From design and programming to business and beyond, developers come to Playcrafting to sharpen their skills and partner with companies that help them succeed. The organization’s hands-on classes lower the barrier for entry for anyone to get started making games and to empower pros to level up their skills. Playcrafting hosts everything from local gatherings like Expos and Demo and Plays to industry-recognized annual events like Play NYC and the largest Global Game Jam site in the U.S. The organization offers over 100 courses and events annually. Partnerships like Bose unlock the power of game creators and generate brand new games that weren’t otherwise possible. Previous partners include Facebook, Verizon, IBM and more.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Sadly we couldn’t attend the awards show as The Media Command HQ was preparing for the sensory overload that is the annual Toy Fair when it happened. As you know, its impossible to be everywhere at the same time. Congratulations to all of the winners and we look forward to seeing what you have coming up next if the 2019 happening can be worked into the schedule. What do you readers who are gamers think about the winners circle? Did some of your favorites win or did a nominee that you were rallying behind get cheated? Chime in down below since its always good to hear from you.

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