And There Would Come – A Logo…….

I know, I know……you’re probably thinking that I read too many comic books and enjoy far too many of those Action Adventure films and as result tend to be a little grandiose from time to time. Of course I really think that all of that stuff makes me a little more interesting and creative and that brings me to this little posting here on the site. Behold the official logo of “PiercingKen!!!!” (queue dramatic music and thunderclaps).

Alright so I am kidding around here and don’t technically really have a logo for this thing but I did have two unique photos that when placed together in the same space did amuse me enough to pretend that I did. These two images were snared during various wanderings and that is what I love most about this side home on the web for my ideas. I get to be a little strange every now and again and play with whatever comes to my mind. I think you’ll agree that it works. The “piercing” image was taken from the window of a place that does……yes, you guessed it…..PIERCINGS……while the second image of “ken” is only part of a larger neon sign that stands high above the Gowanus Canal. I have other pictures of that and its a blog for another time.

That’s all I have for now my friends. Back to some photo editing for but don’t you worry I am always ready to share whatever comes to mind outside of that with you here. Happy Thanksgiving.

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