“Among The Drinking”; The Anthrax “Wardance” Beer Tasting @ Daddy-O NYC

Just the other day, the Butternuts Beer and Ale Company hosted a tasting of the brand new Anthrax inspired beer called “Wardance” and since I was unable to be a part of this myself, I asked our good friend “Jumpin'” Joe Kaufman to go in my place. Readers of the PiercingMetal.com site know that Joe helps out when possible over there so here are the thoughts that he had about the experience.

I had a fun and indulgent Monday night attending a beer launch/tasting for Anthrax’s new signature beer “Wardance” brewed by the Butternuts Brewery. It was held at Daddy-O, a cozy little bar with an excellent spirit selection and friendly knowledgeable staff In the West Village on Bedford St. NYC. It was a fun event, Frank Bello even stopped by to support the launch party.

With Anthrax cranking in the background I got to indulge in multiple pints of the the light amber Pale Ale. While sampling the metal inspired brew I had a chance to chat with Chuck Williamson the Butternuts Brewmaster who’s passion and vision is behind crafting “Wardance”.

The beer has interesting profile that combines a Pale ale with a more hoppy IPA style finish that is popular with craft beer lovers. On my palate It has a smooth and slightly up front sweet malty presence which gives way to a clean refreshing middle followed by a slightly bitter hoppy finish. The bitterness lingered a bit without becoming overwhelming or sour.

I feel Anthrax “Wardance” is a very drinkable beer that would appeal to a wide beer loving audience. “Wardance” may appeal to the casual beer drinker as well as the craft brew enthusiasts out there. That is the fun of beer, give it a taste and see how it works for you.

Thanks Joe, I sure do wish I was there to enjoy a couple of cold ones on the house while the Metal blasted the room. This particular concoction sure sounds like the type of beverage that will make me raise the pint and the horns proclaiming “Reebnikufesin” (N.F.B.)! By the way, please drink responsibly and only if you are legally able to do so.

Official Websites:
Anthrax: http://www.anthrax.com
Butternuts Beer and Ale: http://www.butternutsbeerandale.com/
Daddy O: http://www.daddyonyc.com/

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