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Welcome to “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”; A Lifestyle Blog with a New York Flair. This creative avenue of approach comes from the mind of Photojournalist Ken Pierce, Founder and Principle Creative of the popular PiercingMetal.com website.

The Origin: Since 2005, I’ve offered up my writing and photography skills for the sake of the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music scene over on my main website PiercingMetal.com and during this time I have also photographed and jotted down notes about the other things that I had chanced upon while out on these adventures. While it might have been easier to post them on the Social Nets, I felt that launching a new website was going to be a lot more fun to do. The rather dramatic sounding name comes from my love of the comic book medium and hence is rather grandiose in scope and its also what one of my favorite press resources had been calling me for years. It’s on these blog posts that you will get to enjoy any of the adventures and images that I feel merit sharing.

The Premise: So what is the “premise” of the blog? When I launched it blog back in 2010 I really didn’t have one and over time a clearer vision and focus started to happen. In a nutshell this blog will be used to discuss tourism in my fair metropolis, photography taken on unrelated wanderings, food adventures and the occasional music observation. I decided that this would be a catch all, and not be restricted to any one particular discipline – These are “The Chronicles” Of Piercing Ken. The bottom line is it is aimed at amusing or inspiring you. Whatever you like.  The website also features an Events Calendar to spotlight numerous items of interest for our readers. Thanks for dropping by and do please stay awhile. Since launch, “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” has posted over 875 articles with an achievement of more than 3.5 million pages viewed. All of “The Chronicles” camera equipment and accessories are protected by the quality products of Think Tank Photo.

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A Lifestyle Blog with a NYC Flair

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