A Summerstage Soiree with Imelda May & Wanda Jackson (7/27/2011)

Readers of my PiercingMetal.com site know full well that I see a LOT of concerts with journalistic intent in mind but it is rare that I am actually the guest of another provider of similar entertainment.  I sometimes kid with my fellow media peeps how my simply going to a show to just “enjoy it” was difficult and that I always felt compelled to bring some kind of visual image or story to the masses after the fact no matter who it was.  That being said when our own Skeleton Pete was preparing to cover the Wanda Jackson/Imelda May show at Central Park’s Summerstage for his eponymous blog, I was more than happy to be the guest that came with his credentials.   The show was free for this particular outdoor event, but there are ones that are pay to enter.  Here is the marquee for the show.

The Succinct Marquee

We media types often have to go in at a different location from the rest of the crowd since one needs to secure their ability to professionally photograph the first few songs of the performers set.

Media Entrance

Summerstage is actually hosting events all around the Big Apple this season and not only can music fans enjoy events in Manhattan but also in The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.  They also set up the stages in different areas of the parks they use.  This particular one was near Rumsey Playfield and as you can see of a nice size.

The Summerstage

The media folks needed to be at the ready off to the side of the stage so that was where I was also sitting while Skeleton Pete did his thing.  Here is how the stage looked to me.  I had to admit it was a little weird not having to run into the photo pit at the beginning of the show.  Still nice to take a breather from that and enjoy the music.  I had only heard a few songs by Imelda May and while she is not what I normally follow, she is damned good.

Side Stage

and another….

As you can see the fans were assembled early because while Wanda Jackson was the main attraction, Miss Imelda May was also someone that people wanted to see.

The Music Hungry Crowd

Imelda came out about 7:30pm or so and the crowd was super excited.  She had recently released the album “Mayhem” and I will post a link to snare that if you should be interested at the end of this posting.  The singer hails from Ireland and speaks with a nice brogue and this evening she was very clearly happy to be doing this show as the opener for Wanda.  I will admit that I didn’t know a lot of what Imelda was playing, but she did do “Johnny Got A Boom Boom” and “Tainted Love”; the latter song getting a cool Rockabilly makeover for the assembled masses.  Since I did have my trusty Panasonic Lumix with me, I decided to snap a bunch of photos from the side of the stage and with the super zoom it had.  Not the best stuff in the world but does give you the “picture” for lack of a better word.

Before I forget any of the other luminaries present this evening for the event, here is a shot of photographer Arnie Goodman and his wife Susan.  Arnie is a staple in the music community and well-known for his work with Elmore Magazine.  It focuses more on Blues and Country but I am glad it is out there for the masses to enjoy.

The Goodmans

We also had the distinct pleasure of seeing our old friend in Media, Mr. John Seroff.  John now heads up Greenhouse Publicity and the Summerstage events are one of his client projects.  Here we find John responding to my consistent flashing of the Metal horns with a more laid back approach.

Greenhouse Publicity’s John Seroff

I mentioned that Skeleton Pete was actually on point at this event for his own exciting blog site and his full on narrative and amazing photos can all be enjoyed HERE.  Be sure to leave some comment love for the hard work.  Also, if you are interested in checking out more Imelda May, just click the Amazon.com code below to order a copy of her newest album “Mayhem”.  I am sure she would appreciate your doing so.

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