A New Orbit For Forbidden Planet in NYC

We really enjoy the comic book medium here at the PiercingMetal oops, I mean PiercingKen Base Camp and that is why we wanted to share a few photos with you from the just moved and newly expanded Forbidden Planet Comics Shop in NYC. For many years this space was almost directly across the street before it moved to the smaller corner spot on 13th Street and Broadway. That space had a lot of stuff in a confined area and would really leave you a little claustrophobic at times.

For those who feared that the shelves would soon consume them I offer up some hopefully comforting knowledge as the store has moved yet again but still manages to remain in the immediate vicinity of the previous locations. Welcome to your new home Forbidden Planet. Let’s go inside for a quick peek…..

I didn’t over shoot the location as it was early afternoon and there were many patrons inside already. I felt it might seem suspect to some so I just snapped a few and went off to my original plan for the afternoon. Here are some of the action figures that they had on hand. Too many to even speak of from many of the recent movie properties and some classics that are always good sellers.

Obviously there is a healthy stock of the recent comic books from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse and many more. The comics section now resides on the back wall of the new space. It spans from one end of the store to the other. Seemed to work at first glance.

There were about four or five small aisles that led you to the back section and these aisles were in turn loaded bookcases with more graphic novels than you could hope to count. It’s safe to say that if you are looking for a new or older trade paperback or hardcover edition that you will find it here.

As they did in the other location, there were display cases with plenty of statues. It’s actually a little easier to enjoy them and browse in the new location. Here are a couple of them but only the tip of what you will find. The first shot showcases The Thing, Spider-Woman and Spider-Man in case you didn’t recognize them somehow.

Here is Kabuki. I remember that comic. Violent stuff for sure but pretty interesting.

A too cool for words Vampirella

The downstairs section was roped off so I assume they are still working on that part of the new space. Perhaps when it opens I will return and add a few more shots to this posting. I don’t actually know what the plans are for this area. The new address and hours of operation along with any special events can be learned from the official link just below. Happy shopping.

Official Website: http://www.fpnyc.com/

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