A Glimpse Of The Expanded Idle Hands Bar NYC

A couple of years ago I toasted the second anniversary of the Idle Hands Bar that a few of my friends from the NYC Music Scene had opened up as I was so happy to find it being the success that it was in a metropolis where there is some king of bar at every turn. New folks to this particular posting can click HERE to update themselves and then continue along.

Logo - Idle Hands Bar

As I cited in that posting, Idle Hands Bar was located downstairs at this address and quickly became the place to go for industry and fans alike after Metal shows and given its clientele and hosts, you could generally count on something Metal brewing within its walls.


They had some clever text on the blackboards outside which would surely attract some folks. I snapped those two for you.



The main room is spacious and looks awesome. They seem to be using a similar style of tables like I found in Slainthe which is great if you have a few people with you. Of course this kind of setting could find you meeting other interesting people if their is only a pair of you and others sit on the other side.


There is also a side area to this region so more room for more people and hopefully an even better time. What do you think of the new expanded look?


This next part fascinates me the most being a bit of a Foodie. The Kitchen. Yay. Now I can get a burger or something else that I like when I come in for a visit. With the addition of food it expands the appeal of the space that is for sure. These days not all of my friends are drinkers but they all eat and this leaves this as a choice and not something to say sorry cannot join you.


Oh yeah and the bar. Tada!!! It looked nice. I only got some of it since someone was working and attending to customers after all.


So what of the downstairs space that was originally the main location of the bar you might ask. You can examine the now expanded menu of food offerings via the bars official website which I have linked for you below. Be sure to stop in and tell them we sent you. Have a good time if you go and by all means please drink responsibly.

Official Site: http://www.idlehandsbar.com/

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