Adriana Louise: A Dukette Finds “The Voice” Part 2

You might remember me posting not too long ago about a young lady that I met who worked as one of the wonderful waitresses at our stomping ground Duke’s. If you don’t, a quick recap for you is HERE. Her name is Adriana Louise and she is an aspiring singer and she is competing for the big prize on the current season of NBC’s “The Voice”. Generally I don’t keep up with stuff like this but when you know the person involved, you kind of want to pay more attention and cheer them on from the sidelines. Even though Metal music flows through my veins I will be the first to raise my glass up to anyone whom is talented and brave enough to be a part of a competition like that.

That being said, I had just finished up at a rocking concert being held by the legendary Michael Schenker Group over at The Gramercy Theatre and since the show ended on the early side, my friends and I decided to kick back a few more beers over at Duke’s. They had posters everywhere that were lauding Adriana’s latest appearance and wouldn’t you know it, she was there as well with her ardent admirers.

All of Adriana’s friends had on “Team Adriana” shirts and I thought that was a great idea. I only snapped one of them in this of course since I was already rather spent from being at the Rock show for the last few hours. Trust me though….everyone was wearing them.

Of course here is the lovely Miss Adriana Louise herself. It was nice to see her and wish her continued success on the program. I like to think that we shall be seeing a lot of her.

In the event that you missed the episode that they were all here at Duke’s celebrating, I have embedded the video below for your enjoyment.

Keep kicking some butt Adriana, we’re at the ready to photograph your first big gig \m/ Click on the links below to see more show stuff and to follow Adriana on her official social networks.

Official Website:
Artist Page:
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:

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  1. I am sad to report that Adriana was eliminated from the program just the other day on 11/13/12; I wish her all the best and am sure that this is not the first time that I compose a blog about her musical adventures on

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