“333” – The Apartment Of The Beast or Kudos to Iron Maiden

LOL, I realize that I must have seriously sparked your attention with that title or at least I hope that I did. So let me explain the reason behind it. You all know that the main website I run is dedicated to the proliferation of the Heavy Metal music scene and today my fiends we are at the thirty year mark for one of the most classic albums of the genre’s time. Yes, it has been thirty years since Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” has been out and what an amazing run this release has had. It’s still a relevant piece of vinyl, tape, or CD depending on what medium you own in your collection and its tunes resonate with the same power as when you first started playing them. Pretty cool yes? I think so.

The photo below was taken by me not too long ago and I originally saw this particular visual when I was out on a photographic adventure with my fellow blogger The Beehive Hairdresser. I remember that I made some kind of comment about it being a half evil place since it was “333” as opposed to being “666” which is of course “The Number Of The Beast” (are you catching the Metal reference now?). He ended up running a little more of an expanded premise on his site and at the time I was not really doing the PiercingKen blog but when I chanced upon the exact location once again I knew that I would have to use it for my own means as well. What better time than at the anniversary of this classic Metal album.

Its amusing to realize that if one does add the two sides of this address together one does end up with “666” and what was the famous line from “The Usual Suspects” again? Something like “”The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist” Food for thought as you walk these dark city streets eh? With that being said and in honor of the mighty Maiden anniversary I am raising a glass of whatever I have handy in the direction of the band and recommend these couple of products to indulge your senses in should you not already have them in your collection. Kudos Maiden and please keep up the good work.

See you soon my friends and thanks for listening.

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