30 Rooms: The Art Of Rebecca Jacob

I was recently invited to an art presentation that was called “30 Rooms” and this was being held in an office building on what appeared to be an open floor for the Regus Business Center company. Organized and sponsored by Six Summit Gallery, the event would present thirty different artists in thirty different rooms. While I did not manage to see every single room, I did get to a bunch that I really enjoyed and shall be presenting each of those artists in their own posting to allow for better focused attention. Here is Rebecca Jacob:

Poster - 30 Rooms

Like the recently posted artist Shirzad, I had never before met Rebecca Jacob before this event so I asked for her presentations overall “theme” and got the following:

“I live outside Philadelphia in a very old little blacksmith house. All of the plant/flower featured In the work shown are from the surrounding grounds. The collection. Was basically inspired by one painting I saw at the Van Gogh exhibition at the Philadelphia art museum several years ago. Actually it was the title more than the actual painting(titles are very important to me -my daughter thinks they are strange). Anyway I wanted to feature colorful images up close In the undergrowth, hence the title of my collection: sous boise. Also I work small so I can afford to use quality Belgian linen canvas and old holland oils”.


Bear in mind I didn’t name each and every single photograph of her work, and felt it was more fun to just enjoy the pretty 🙂








Here’s Rebecca and her lovely daughter Madeline. The younger Jacob is not an artist in this sense but I was told an accomplished Irish dancer. Who knows perhaps you will see a performance written up sometime on this very blog. Only time will tell.


You can keep up with what Rebecca Jacob is doing in the art scene by clicking here website link below.

Official Website: http://www.rebeccajacob.com

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