30 Rooms: The Art Of Michelle Delecki

I was recently invited to an art presentation that was called “30 Rooms” and this was being held in an office building on what appeared to be an open floor for the Regus Business Center company. Organized and sponsored by Six Summit Gallery, the event would present thirty different artists in thirty different rooms. While I did not manage to see every single room, I did get to a bunch that I really enjoyed and shall be presenting each of those artists in their own posting to allow for some focused attention. My first subject is Michelle Delecki.

Poster - 30 Rooms

Historically speaking, I actually met Michelle at one of the NY Comic Con’s a couple of years ago and our mutual appreciation of that which be Metal found us keeping in touch via the magic of Facebook. Michelle’s presentation was called “Starlets” and of course would be featuring a number of the film industry’s most beloved, and beautiful actresses ever. I asked Michelle about the premise and she offered up the following:

The name of my collection is “Starlets”. I painted famous Hollywood Golden Age actresses because I love the glamour and overall femininity that these women had. There was a luxurious style that was timeless and classy, and it’s completely relevant in today’s day and age. I worked with a simple color palette incorporating grey undertones and adding just a splash of color to add attention to the face. I wanted to keep everything very simple, because I wanted all of the focus to be on the beauty of the actress that I was painting. I wanted to capture their essence without it being overdone.

michelle delecki
The Sign

Now without any further adieu let’s start enjoying her wonderful work. I’ll return soon enough with some additional comments but for now shall be zipping the lip.

michelle delecki
Hedy Lamar by Michelle Delecki
michelle delecki
Audrey Hepburn by Michelle Delecki
michelle delecki
Elizabeth Taylor by Michelle Delecki
michelle delecki
Marilyn Monroe by Michelle Delecki
michelle delecki
Sophia Loren by Michelle Delecki
michelle delecki
Ava Gardner by Michelle Delecki

Here’s Michelle and her also very talented husband Shane Davis.  Shane’s worked on a number of comic books that we enjoy for DC Comics and now Legendary Films and I hope to be reporting on an opening of his sometime soon.  Stay tuned for that if he does one of course.

michelle delecki
Michelle & Husband Shane Davis

Here’s Michelle with the lovely Madeline Jacob; her Mom was displaying art in one of the other “30 Rooms” and I will be sharing that stuff with you in a future post.  Did I say stay tuned already?  Hmmm, I guess I did.

michelle delecki
Michelle Delecki & Madeline Jacob

Some of their comic creating friends dropped by to see them at the show. Here we find Shane and friends Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare. I’ve seen Amy’s work in DC Comics’ “Madame Xanadu” and “Batwoman”.

michelle delecki
Amy Reeder, Brandon Montclare and Shane Davis

Some of the rooms were serving up the vino and had music but all Michelle and her friends had was that positive energy and of course my complete shyness. As result we snared a few extra wonderful people who even let me take photos of them for use in this little narrative. Thanks to them as well. Smiles all around as you can see. Never a bad thing my friends.







Paulina, Carla and I at “30 Rooms”

That’s all I have for now but do check back soon to enjoy the other artists that I snapped some photos of during this event. I think you will enjoy them and ideally I will be presenting them to you a few days apart.

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