130 Years Ago Today; The Statue Of Liberty Arrives In NYC

While watching the early evening news tonight I learned that today was the day that the Statue Of Liberty had arrived in NYC back in 1865, 130 Years ago. Can you believe it? The statue would arrive by boat on crates and slowly be assembled on the pedestal where it stands to this very day. The shots below were taken by me when I joined some friends for a quick ride on The Circle Line. The boat ride is a wonderful attraction for all visitors to our Metropolis in my humble opinion and it always passes by this amazing, inspiring statue. Isn’t she beautiful?

statue of liberty

Depending on your vintage, you might have heard the old tales about long ago arriving relatives first getting to the States and NYC in particular and their reaction to seeing this grand statue for the very first time. One can only imagine how scary the idea of starting life over again in a new place was for our distant relatives and what hope and welcome they felt once they saw this incredible sight. I’ve lived in this city for almost all of my life and it always gives me pause that is for sure.

statue of liberty

Closing up this quick narrative I must strongly stress that if you can find the time you should try to see this statue up close and personal. Its a reasonable direct boat ride or you can do the Circle Line that I mentioned. You can even get a good glimpse from the Staten Island Ferry which is a free ride so a neat suggest for the tourists. I shot those images with the Panasonic Lumix from several hundred feet away and got some solid ones with the phone as well. That’s all I have for now. See you next time.

Learn more about the Statue of Liberty via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Liberty

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