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Pencilling It In With Piercing Ken :)

If you’ve examined my PiercingMetal.com site you probably are well aware of the regional events calendar that it features. If not, this has been an offering for the readers since that site was launched and back in 2015 it had a significant upgrade to a WordPress plugin called “The Events Calendar”. To say that this has been a boon in keeping the site visitors aware of all the awesome that is happening around us is an understatement. That makes today an exciting day for me here at The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken since I have decided to integrate this same calendar plugin as a feature on this website as well. Clicking the logo image below will launch it for you but you can do that a little later since I want to discuss what this one will entail first.

Initially I thought that I could easily share the Webcalendar from PiercingMetal.com over here and be done with it but with the readers of this site being very different from that side of my creative coin I decided that it deserved a calendar of its own. Since The Chronicles is a Lifestyle website this calendar would feature more lifestyle related items than my other one and surely no Metal shows at all. At times there will be some listings that mirror the PM.com one such as the NY Comic Con and other related events but there will also be conventions and festivals that you would never see lined out on my other site. I’ve already begun populating the final regional performances of the circus and the upcoming NY Auto Show and in most cases these listings will come with links to purchase tickets to make it easier on you. I’ve already made plans for some food-related and family focused happenings to be listed and at the end of the day the goal remains the same – get people into some fun-filled and interesting events.

The Chronicles Calendar can be accessed via our menu options at the top of the page and I encourage you to bookmark it as it will be updated regularly. I hope that you all enjoy it and tell others that its here. Please feel free to toss some thoughts on this new initiative down in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Pencil It In With PiercingMetal.com :)

Hi there readers, this is just a quick PSA about my PiercingMetal.com website. The other day I revamped the sites long-standing web calendar and I wanted you all to know about it. I discuss it all in a post on my PiercingMetal.com site and you can find that narrative by clicking the calendar graphic below. In a nutshell, the old calendar that you see below has been transformed into something even bigger and better. I hope you like it and since this is a PM.com item, I have disabled comments on this traffic sign.

Photo - PiercingMetal Legacy Calendar - 2015

The New Linkhttp://piercingmetal.com/events/