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Piercing Ken’s “Best Of” 2017: Top Nine On Instagram

I’ve had a lot of fun this past year sharing the happenings in this Lifestyle Blog and also on its own branded Instagram account.  Now, as the year heads towards a close its time to share what the #2017BestNine were for this profile. I’ll be adding some information about the ones that made this years cut. It was quite an interesting grouping IMHO. Here we go.

About These Visuals: The top photo of them all is the Lego statue of Luke Skywalker from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and I did snap that with my mobile at the recent Play Fair event over at the Javits Center.  There are also two photos of myself and two beautiful burlesque queens.  I met Raquel Reed and Lou Lou D’Vil at the Tattoo Expo that happened this summer and they were awesome to chat with.  A quick snap outside of The Met was a surprise one to see but who doesn’t love the baby goat from Book Expo America and of course my beloved Black Cat Spooke.  The inflatable turkey from Macy’s is also rather new as is my Lego branding for PiercingMetal which was also done at Play Fair.  This account is not used as much as my PiercingMetal one of course but I am trying to do more of the arts and tourism stuff here since “The Chronicles” website has been doing its best at raising the creative bar over the last few years.  My hope for 2018 is to bring a lot more about my adventures in the city to light in this profile. We have a lot of museums to explore and while I didn’t post too much in terms of food goes, I do take plenty of photos of that stuff for the blog so why not share them on our Instagram as well.

At this point in time the Piercing Ken Instagram is followed by a little over “600” accounts and our demographic is 45% Men and 55% Woman. Our biggest region is New York (no surprise there) and followed by Los Angeles. The top age range is 25-34.

Get your own 2017 Best Nine by clicking 2017 Best Nine and if you want to share the link to your Instagram when you post yours in the app you can do that in the comments section below. I’ll do my best to toss you some likes for sure. Remember to follow our adventures on the main Social Networks of Facebook, Twitter and yes even Instagram. All the links are below. See you next time.


Checking Out “Sweet Suite” 2016; Chapter 1

Hello there my kind readers. So as some of you might know, I’ve been attending the American International Toy Fair convention for the past six years and generally all of that coverage has gone over to the website where I would focus on the superhero and monster movie geek stuff.  However, with that said I decided a couple of years ago to share additional event coverage on The Chronicles for the vendors and companies that didn’t fit within the context of my Metal and Pop Culture site.  Folks who are interested can click on THIS LINK to open a tag of said content.  All of this leads me to this event being discussed in the narrative before you which focuses on a brand new convention to my eyes called the “Sweet Suite”.

The “Sweet Suite” is considered to be THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF PLAY and comes care of the fine folks at Toy Insider.  This is connected to their “Blogger Bash” event which I shall discuss in a later post.  “Sweet Suite” was all about toys for a traditionally younger audience and instead of in your typical hotel or convention center would be on this beautiful boat called the Cornucopia Majesty.  I was excited because I had not been on a boat since a couple of years ago excursion with friends on the Circle Line and while this was going to be docked it was still cool.

sweet suite 2016, sweet suite, toy insider

sweet suite 2016, sweet suite, toy insider

My media badge sported the PiercingMetal branding since I’m more known for that outlet than The Chronicles, but perhaps in time that will change and this one will be as loud a voice as my Music Media one.  Only time will answer that one.  As you can see the badge says “Blogger Bash” and I guess this is because the “Sweet Suite” is only a smaller portion of this two day conference.

sweet suite 2016, sweet suite, toy insider

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Exploring Play Fair 2016: A New Event Debuts

Logo - Toy Fair - 2016

I’m hoping that you have been enjoying the posts from this years Toy Fair that I have been loading up here on the Chronicles of PiercingKen over the last few days.  As I mentioned at the beginning of those narratives, our readers are going to get to enjoy even more from the Toy Fair thanks to this site since I will featuring posts from the companies that don’t fit all that well on the site.  This years event was super special because it was going to introduce a new side event that consumers could participate in and bring along the little ones – They called it “Play Fair” and I’m using this post to showcase the highlights.  This was the first consumer accessible event connected to Toy Fair that had taken please because remember that Toy Fair is an Industry Only event and not open to the general public.  Here we go.

Logo - Play Fair - 2016

The Play Fair event would run on the Saturday and Sunday on the same days as Toy Fair but was held way on the other side of the Javits Center in the area where we often find Artist Alley taking place during the NY Comic Con.  The press attendees were welcome to explore Play Fair at their leisure but on the first day would have an unencumbered hour to browse and meet the vendors that were present.  With a laundry list of appointments between Skeleton Pete and myself, we opted for the preview hour.  As you can see the space was guarded by a giant Lego Incredible Hulk.

play fair ny, play fair ny 2016

Here’s the space where the masses would soon assemble and everyone was rushing to get ready.  It was beyond cold today with temperatures at around 5 degrees but with the wind it was even worse.  Hopefully they get the folks lined up outside in the venue quick.

play fair ny, play fair ny 2016

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Nathan Sawaya’s “The Art Of The Brick” Lego Exhibit

Folks who are following the main adventuring over on are very aware of all the coverage that we gave to the NY Comic Con and Anime Festival 2010 which was held over at the Jacob Javits Center.  If you are scratching your head then please allow me to refresh your memory.

We were here…..

nathan sawaya, the art of the brick exhibit, lego sculpture

The Jacob Javits Center

and we were doing a little bit of this….

nathan sawaya, the art of the brick exhibit, lego sculpture

Heavy Metal Comic Book Media Geek Credentials

and while there was a ton of things to broadcast on the main site about this…..

nathan sawaya, the art of the brick exhibit, lego sculpture

Click This Image To See The Comic Con 2010 Adventures

there were some things that bore a little closer examination and were better served up in postings of their own.  One such display was that of sculptor Nathan Sawaya who works with Lego bricks as his medium and calls his line of statues “The Art Of The Brick”.   I took a bunch of photos from the Comic Con showcase but did not manage to get them all.  Check it out.

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