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NJ Taco Festival @ Sussex County Fairgrounds

The fiery folks at High River Sauces and Heartbreaking Dawns present the 3rd annual NJ Taco Festival at the Sussex County Fairgrounds. There will be food, drink and all sorts of fun for those who attend. Several tiers of pricing exist.

“Fiery Fun” @ The 4th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo (4/24/2016): Part 1

Yes my friends it was that time of year again for the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and if you can believe it, we are now at the 4th Annual Expo. It was once again being held at the spacious Brooklyn Expo Center which I love as an event space since its in my way back in history neighborhood of Greenpoint and is not too far from the waterfront which offers attendees a magnificent view of Manhattan. I’ll share some images of that in a post that will follow the Expo coverage. With this year’s convention I’ve decided to offer it up here on The Chronicles because truth be told its more in line with our other adventures for this site. Some of the longer time readers might remember that I covered the first three events over on and those interested in the historical side of the event need only click HERE to see the gamut.

Poster - Hot Sauce Expo - 2016

My Foodie Media Mission begins with my running into Purple Pam who is a Rock singer from NYC. She fronts a kickass group called The Flesh Eaters and I’ll try to get some music reviewed on the other site. Here we find Pam pitching her own brand of hot sauce and it sure did have a kick.

nyc hot sauce expo, 4th annual nyc hot sauce expo, nyc hot sauce expo photos

nyc hot sauce expo, 4th annual nyc hot sauce expo, nyc hot sauce expo photos

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