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Hot Dog Eating Contest @ Nathan’s Famous Coney Island

Competitive Eaters from everywhere will vie for the Mustard Belt by eating as many Nathan’s Famous hot dogs as they possibly can.  Don’t forget to order some up yourself while you are there watching the spectacle since you cannot pass this up at all.  Then go to the beach.

Presenting The McCarren Park “SummerScreen” 2017 Film Festival Lineup

So let’s catch up before getting into this new one. It was not too long ago that I posted about a host of free concerts for the early riser that would be happening over at the Central Park Summerstage as a part of the Good Morning America broadcast and I followed that with the also free movie screenings that will take place during a normal hour over at the beautiful Bryant Park just off of Times Square. Those posts are easily found on the website if you missed them so please give a look see because like I said “FREE”. Now it’s time to shift the focus over to my beloved Brooklyn for the film series that is happening over at McCarren Park which is in Williamsburg. I know the park well as I grew up in the region about a thousand years ago. They call their film series the “SummerScreen” and it features live music, deejays and food and drink vendors along with the free film. At the time of this narrative I have no idea about the performers or vendors and can only share the films and their dates of screening. Check out the films below and know that these events begin the run on July 5th until August 9th. You should check the times and restrictions via the individual entries that I will have on the calendar.

Dates & Featured Films:
July 5 – Mean Girls
July 12 – Office Space
July 19 – Donnie Darko
July 26 – Selena,
August 2 – I Know What You Did Last Summer
August 9 – Audience Choice (fans can vote for one of these films: Now and Then, Twister, She’s All That, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Beetlejuice and Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion)
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Scenes From The 150th Annual Memorial Day Parade (5/29/2017)

Today is Memorial Day and that means its time for the annual Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade. This year while a special one as it was the 150th of its kind, did not have the weather on its side and would be rather rainy throughout the course of the event. That was not going to stop me from snapping photographs for readers of the blog to enjoy and I will begin as usual with the video of The Rolling Thunder passing through. There didn’t seem like there was many of them today and I guess with other parades taking place that they had to split them up. Enjoy.

Now it was time to begin the marching and from here on its just going to be the photos to entertain you. With a lot of friends and family not living in the immediate area anymore, I feel this brings a little bit of home to where they live now. Enjoy.

memorial day parade 2017

memorial day parade 2017

memorial day parade 2017
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A Bay Ridge Ride Along: The Scenic Route

Was out with a friend not too long ago doing some errands and general zipping around when I realized I was close to a stretch of the Belt Parkway that my Pop always used to refer to as “The Scenic Route”. With that in mind I snapped to attention with the Galaxy Note 4 and recorded some video that I am now sharing with friends, family and fans of our little home on the web. Well, the ones that are not usually following the PiercingMetal.com stuff I mean (insert shameless plug here LOL).

Before you ask, the answer is NO I was not driving and please pardon the bumps in the video, this is “as is” presentation like you were sitting there zipping past the Narrows on the way to the exit that brings me to the Creative Command HQ. Speaking personally, I’ve always liked this particular run of road and am glad to share it with you all. I thought it would be fun to send to my no longer area resident parents who have retired to the warmer climates of the south. Be sure to do this yourself should you be in town for any reason 🙂 Until next time.

The Christmas Lights Shine Brightly In Dyker Heights 2014

“You are traveling through another neighborhood dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of illuminating lights and holiday energy. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination, the proper placement of a lightbulb and available Con Edison power connections . Your next stop, the Christmas Twilight Zone of Dyker Heights!” – Gosh I sure hope that the ghost of Rod Serling isn’t mad at my being slightly creative with his introduction to the famous television show. The last person I need haunting me at night is him. That said, here is an extra holiday treat for you readers in a display of some of the wonderful decorations that the homes up in Dyker Heights have set up. I wanted to let them shine (pardon the pun) in a posting of their own. You might also enjoy the relative silence from me for this one as I let the photos do the talking for me. Enjoy and once again “Merry Christmas” to those celebrating and “Happy Holidays” to the rest.

christmas lights displays, christmas in brooklyn,

christmas lights displays, christmas in brooklyn,
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