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If you’ve examined my site you probably are well aware of the regional events calendar that it features. If not, this has been an offering for the readers since that site was launched and back in 2015 it had a significant upgrade to a WordPress plugin called “The Events Calendar”. To say that this has been a boon in keeping the site visitors aware of all the awesome that is happening around us is an understatement. That makes today an exciting day for me here at The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken since I have decided to integrate this same calendar plugin as a feature on this website as well. Clicking the logo image below will launch it for you but you can do that a little later since I want to discuss what this one will entail first.

Initially I thought that I could easily share the Webcalendar from over here and be done with it but with the readers of this site being very different from that side of my creative coin I decided that it deserved a calendar of its own. Since The Chronicles is a Lifestyle website this calendar would feature more lifestyle related items than my other one and surely no Metal shows at all. At times there will be some listings that mirror the one such as the NY Comic Con and other related events but there will also be conventions and festivals that you would never see lined out on my other site. I’ve already begun populating the final regional performances of the circus and the upcoming NY Auto Show and in most cases these listings will come with links to purchase tickets to make it easier on you. I’ve already made plans for some food-related and family focused happenings to be listed and at the end of the day the goal remains the same – get people into some fun-filled and interesting events.

The Chronicles Calendar can be accessed via our menu options at the top of the page and I encourage you to bookmark it as it will be updated regularly. I hope that you all enjoy it and tell others that its here. Please feel free to toss some thoughts on this new initiative down in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

PiercingKen Goes To American International Toy Fair 2017

I’m happy to report that this entertainment outlet of mine was once again attending the American International Toy Fair at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. It’s our seventh year of attendance and the plan is to offer up sights and scenes on both the and websites.

toy fair 2017, american international toy fair 2017

As you read this I am recharging the mental and physical self along with all of the technological implements that were brought along on the adventure. There is much more to document and photograph over the coming three days and when the postings begin to run there are going to be a lot of them. Interested readers don’t have to wait until that time though and can get a sneak peak into the observations by clicking over onto our Official Instagram link HERE. Be sure to give a follow and check back often to see the latest stuff. See you soon.

PS: To see any American International Toy Fair 2017 posts on click HERE.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 To Our Readers :)

Happy Hallmark Holiday!

While I consider Valentine’s Day to be a Hallmark occasion, I can stress that I truly LOVE all of our website readers and those who have liked this entertainment outlet on its assorted social networks. On this Valentine’s Day let me leave you with a thought – Be sure to love those who matter in your world strongly EVERY day. Your family, your pets, your SO, your friends. Not just today. Life changes in a blink so thanks to all who are special in mine. Please know that I see all the messages and nods to posts and images so keep it coming and tell your friends about it so they can join in on the fun. I will keep the bar set on high for sure. See you soon.

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Presenting A Brand New “Look” For Your Blog MC

I don’t always make a personal appearance here in The Chronicles of Piercing Ken and am quite content with letting my words paint the necessary pictures you need for the best enjoyment but there have been some developments recently that I wanted to share with you and the new photo below pretty much lines them out.

Yeah, it seems that its time for me to get a pair of glasses since a recent examination has discovered that I am now on the nearsighted side of the fence. Being nearsighted means that I have some difficulty seeing things that are farther away while items that are up close are in a better focus. Farsighted is the opposite of this in case you were curious. Gone are the days of 20/20 vision and a laser clear focus on anything that I looked at. I guess I cannot complain about only starting to need them now after all of the years I spent glaring at a computer screen. I do like the frames that I selected and while I didn’t think of this at the moment I should have gotten the ones that get darker when out in the sunlight. I got some glare protection on them since I felt this would help with watching shows from the back of venues. It’s all very new to me and I must admit that I am having a little bit of a confusion about them and needing them on a regular basis. I must admit that they do make me see the farther away items with some nice clarity so I guess I cannot complain.

My friends and followers have all chimed in with positive notes on the new “look” so let’s “see” how this progresses LOL, sorry I could not resist a bad pun since that is how I roll. I thank them all for the words since this is so new to me as an experience. It will take some getting used to. Maybe sometime soon I will be able to get contacts that have little skulls on them to reinforce the Metal guy aesthetic. Alright, that is all for now. I’ll be back with the usual stuff soon. Thanks for reading and if you haven’t gotten your own eyes checked out in a while you should do it. The office said you should try and do this at least once a year as you get older. They have some cool machinery to test you out now and that stuff fascinated me.

“Among The Drinking”; The Anthrax “Wardance” Beer Tasting @ Daddy-O NYC

Just the other day, the Butternuts Beer and Ale Company hosted a tasting of the brand new Anthrax inspired beer called “Wardance” and since I was unable to be a part of this myself, I asked our good friend “Jumpin'” Joe Kaufman to go in my place. Readers of the site know that Joe helps out when possible over there so here are the thoughts that he had about the experience.

I had a fun and indulgent Monday night attending a beer launch/tasting for Anthrax’s new signature beer “Wardance” brewed by the Butternuts Brewery. It was held at Daddy-O, a cozy little bar with an excellent spirit selection and friendly knowledgeable staff In the West Village on Bedford St. NYC. It was a fun event, Frank Bello even stopped by to support the launch party.

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