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The Sweet Suite 2017 Looks Promising

Last summer, I attended my very first “Sweet Suite” event which is an interesting gathering of companies, Internet influencers and the media. I posted several narratives with lots of images that can be reviewed via THIS LINK. The poster above was a part of a reminder email that I received the day before yesterday to make sure that I had it on my calendar and knew all the specs and what was to be expected in terms of finds this year. My plan for this years event is to come back with even more pictures to generate even more posts for your viewing pleasure. With the holidays coming steadily for us, it will be great ammunition if you like shopping early. I’ll close up now with a reminder to keep an eye on our Official Instagram as well for any of the side moments that are snapped and shared immediately to that social network. All of the coverage for the 2017 Sweet Suite will be posted on “The Chronicles”. Thank you for your kind attention.

Official Websites:
Toy Insider:

The Film Forum Brings New York City In The 70’s To The Big Screen

The folks at the Film Forum are setting up a NYC centric film festival with a few dozen films that were done right here on our at one time mean city streets. There are quite a few classics to filter through and this will begin next week on July 5th so get your plans in order and get the tickets that you want before anything sells out. Some have numerous showings across the festival while others seem to have only one. Commence your indulgence into the full press release and please be aware that based on the amount of films being presented I will NOT be listing these individually on our calendar.

The Press Release:
“FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD – NEW YORK IN THE 70s,” a 23-day, 44-film series spotlighting movies made in and about the city during the 1970s, will run at Film Forum from Wednesday, July 5 through Thursday, July 27.

The title of the series is taken from the classic Daily News headline – the most famous in the paper’s history. On October 29, 1975, President Gerald Ford declared that a near-bankrupt New York City would be denied federal aid. The following day, the News’ front page carried the banner headline (written by managing editor Bill Brink) “FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD.” It became one of the most iconic images of the decade and helped seal Ford’s fate for a 1976 presidential run. (Only last week, the News revived the headline after the current administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord: “TRUMP TO WORLD: DROP DEAD.”)

New York City in the 1970s was perceived as a place of danger, decay, and paranoia, where people “didn’t get involved” (especially following high-profile crimes like the 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese). The disastrous decade was marked by the financial crisis of 1975 and the 25-hour mid-summer blackout of 1977, the spread of crack and heroin, and the ubiquity of violent crimes (1,814 homicides in 1980, compared to 335 in 2016).

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The MoMA To Screen 70 Science-Fiction Films This Summer

As I’ve been using the Events Calendar to feature a number of free screenings happening around our fair Metropolis, when I received this press release about a film series set to launch in July at the MoMA, I knew that I had to share it here on The Chronicles. Read on about this new and mystifying summer film series at the amazing museum. Take your time since there is a LOT to absorb here.

The Press Release:
Future Imperfect: The Uncanny in Science Fiction*, presented at The Museum of Modern Art from July 17 through August 31, will screen of 70 science- fiction films from all over the world—22 countries including the United States, the Soviet Union, China, India, Cameroon, Mexico and beyond—that explore the question: what does it mean to be human? In a departure from other exhibitions of science-fiction cinema, Future Imperfect moves beyond space travel, visions of the distant future, alien invasions and monsters. Instead, all 70 films take place on Earth in the present (or near present), questioning our humanity in all its miraculous, uncanny, and perhaps unknowable aspects.

Since the dawn of cinema, filmmakers as diverse as Kathryn Bigelow, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Kinji Fukasaku, Jean-Luc Godard, Barry Jenkins, Georges Méliès, Michael Snow, Alexander Sokurov, and Steven Spielberg have explored ideas of memory and consciousness; thought, sensation, and desire; self and other; nature and nurture; time and space; and love and death. Their films, lying at the nexus of art, philosophy and science, occupy a twilight zone bounded only by the imagination, where “humanness” remains an enchanting enigma. Future Imperfect is organized by Joshua Siegel, Curator, Department of Film, The Museum of Modern Art.

* Future *Imperfect* encompasses all genres, including *animation* (Richard Linklater’s *A Scanner Darkly*, Mamoru Oshii’s *Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence*, Nozim *To’laho’jayev’s* *There Will Come Soft Rains*, Suzan Pitt’s *Visitation*); *faux documentary* (Christopher Miles’ *Alternative 3*, Jan Svera?k’s* Oil Gobblers*); *documentary hybrid *(Werner Herzog’s *Fata Morgana* and *Lessons of Darkness*, Frances Bodomo’s *Afronauts*, Ben Rivers’ *Slow Action)*; *experimental* (Michael Snow’s **Corpus Callosum*, Chris Marker’s *La Jete?e*, Mike Kuchar’s *The Craven Sluck*), *comedy* (Buster Keaton’s *The Electric House*, Alexander Mackendrick’s T*he Man in the White Suit*, Richard Lester’s *The Bed Sitting Room*, Harold Ramis’ *Groundhog Day*), *horror* (David Cronenberg’s *Shivers and Videodrome*, George A. Romero’s *The Crazies*, Krsto Papic’s *The Rat Savior*, Jean-Pierre Bekolo’s *Les saignantes*, Georges Franju’s *Eyes without a Face*), and the *thriller* (William Dieterle’s *Six Hours to Live*, Alain Resnais’ *Je t’aime, je t’aime*, Joseph Sargent’s* Colossus: The Forbin Project*, Kathryn Bigelow’s* Strange Days*, Steven Spielberg’s *Minority Report*, Alex Garland’s *Ex Machina*, Hongmei Zhang’s *Death Ray* on *Coral Island,* Nacho Viagalondo’s *Los cronocrimines*, Alex Proyas’* Dark City*, and Alfonso Cuaro?n’s *Children of Men*).

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Presenting The McCarren Park “SummerScreen” 2017 Film Festival Lineup

So let’s catch up before getting into this new one. It was not too long ago that I posted about a host of free concerts for the early riser that would be happening over at the Central Park Summerstage as a part of the Good Morning America broadcast and I followed that with the also free movie screenings that will take place during a normal hour over at the beautiful Bryant Park just off of Times Square. Those posts are easily found on the website if you missed them so please give a look see because like I said “FREE”. Now it’s time to shift the focus over to my beloved Brooklyn for the film series that is happening over at McCarren Park which is in Williamsburg. I know the park well as I grew up in the region about a thousand years ago. They call their film series the “SummerScreen” and it features live music, deejays and food and drink vendors along with the free film. At the time of this narrative I have no idea about the performers or vendors and can only share the films and their dates of screening. Check out the films below and know that these events begin the run on July 5th until August 9th. You should check the times and restrictions via the individual entries that I will have on the calendar.

Dates & Featured Films:
July 5 – Mean Girls
July 12 – Office Space
July 19 – Donnie Darko
July 26 – Selena,
August 2 – I Know What You Did Last Summer
August 9 – Audience Choice (fans can vote for one of these films: Now and Then, Twister, She’s All That, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Beetlejuice and Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion)

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Get Ready For The Free HBO Bryant Park Film Festival @ Bryant Park

Recently, I posted about a group of free concerts for the early riser that would be happening over at the Central Park Summerstage as a part of the Good Morning America broadcast and if you missed that posting, just click HERE to catch up to the rest of us. Now its onto another special offering that our fair Big Apple will be doling out care of the fine folks at HBO. Situated in the smaller but beautiful Bryant Park, interested fans will have the chance to enjoy a free screening of some truly awesome movies right under the stars and skyscrapers of Manhattan. Though the summers in NYC are often quite the sweltering experience, I have to think that a nice cool breeze will be present along with plenty of good company. Check out the films below. The events begin the run on June 19th until August 21st and the lawn portion opens up at 5pm.

Dates & Featured Film:
June 19 – King Kong
June 26 – On the Town
July 3 – The Muppets Take Manhattan
July 10 – Sabrina
July 17 – Wall Street
July 24 – Pillow Talk
July 31 – The Hustler
August 7 – All That Jazz
August 14 – North by Northwest
August 21 – Dirty Dancing

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