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Happy 50th To The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (1964-2014)

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge that spans from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn over to Staten Island across the Narrows tidal strait. As an almost lifelong resident of Bay Ridge and being in a close enough proximity to where the bridge actually is, I regularly find myself down on the Shore Promenade walking around with my camera snagging visuals for all of my readers to enjoy. What I did with this particular post for the anniversary was to cull together a whole lot of shots from different points in time and from different angles for your maximum pleasure. I’ll make note when I can but for the most part its more fun to let your imagination run with you.

verrazano bridge, verrazano bridge photos, brooklyn sights

verrazano bridge, verrazano bridge photos, brooklyn sights

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Checking Out The Pop-Up Car Show (9/12/14)

One of the things that you will find me saying rather often with this particular blog site is how its a wise idea to pay attention to the sights and scenes around you each day because its always possible that something you see will bring you a smile to your face or give you an idea for a blog posting. That said, when I went out to buy a copy of “Captain America The Winter Soldier” at the local Best Buy, we chanced upon a Car Show of some kind set up in the Ceasar’s Bay parking lot. I took a whole mess of photos that I am sharing with you now in this narrative but bear in mind that I am not a car expert so cannot identify anything here but do please enjoy the offerings.



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A Rockefeller Center Now and Way Back Then :)

The other day I closed up a small series of posts about the Faberge Big Egg Hunt (and you can click that text if you didn’t see this enjoyable public art exhibit) and since I was in Rockefeller Center I decided to snap a quick couple of shots of their impressive Prometheus statue. He glides above a fountain and gazes over the ice skating rink and its quite the popular tourist attraction.  It’s easy to see why this is the case.


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Some Subway Station Art In NYC

I was out and about on one of my photographic missions and when I needed to zip downtown a few stops I realized that the 28th Street Station had some wild mosaic style art. I didn’t notice any creator names and just wanted to share them with you. Especially if you are one of our out of NYC readers who might be planning on visiting sometime soon. Enjoy the presentation.



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My Last Visit To Roseland Ballroom (4/9/2014)

The venue had officially closed only two evenings prior to these shots being taken and since I had to be in the city to see some newly made friends, I decided to take a slight detour to go pay a visit to The Roseland Ballroom one more time. I was hoping for some kind of phrase on the marquee like “Thanks NYC” or “Goodbye” but as you can see by these images this was not to be found. That was sad.


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