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The Sak’s Fifth Avenue Holiday Facade (2016)

I was out with friends last week and after the holiday fun, went on some adventuring to finish my Christmas Tree hunting and to see if I could snag the always impressive display by Sak’s Fifth Avenue. Luckily, just as I had hit the corner the next presentation was set to begin so I shot from where I stood with the trusty Samsung point and shoot.

I hope that you liked it, I think next time I am going to try and get this a little more in the center of the area since some part of this were hard to see. Stay tuned for some additional Holiday fun for the season as my Christmas In NYC posts continue.

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Saks Fifth Avenue Presents: “Land Of 1000 Delights”

I was out with friends just the night before and after our gather I felt that finishing up what I was referring to as my “Christmas Tree Hunt” explorations would be a great idea. I still needed the Rockefeller Center and Bloomberg Building ones and while heading down to one of my mapped out locations I noticed the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue and since it was late enough to not have a large crowd filtering past, I snapped some images for you all to enjoy. The display was called “Land Of 1000 Delights” and I’ll let you peruse.

saks fifth avenue, land of 1000 delights

saks fifth avenue, land of 1000 delights

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016 To All

Hey there my readers, I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving if you are in a part of the world that celebrates this today.


It’s a good day to reflect upon the things that make you feel thankful and I’d like to say that I am very thankful for the supportive parents that I have and my sweet feline girl Spooke. They make my personal world a whole lot better when it comes down to it. I’m thankful for my health and the friends in my immediate circle both real life and cyberspace wise. I’m thankful for a very interesting pursuit/passion that lets me celebrate the things I enjoy on a daily basis. I am also very thankful that you readers choose to come visit me here every now and again. It’s a pleasure to offer up some entertainment to distract from the occasional pitfalls of the day. Here’s a couple of things that you can do today to show some thanks and appreciation.

– If your parents are still with you and you’re not seeing them make a phone call. Not an email or text. No one is too busy for that.
– Spoil your pet if you have one. Extra treats, move away from the space that they want on the couch and added love to let them realize the special that they bring to your day.
– Text people you don’t see all that often and wish you did. Not a group message mind you but a quick thought from the heart. I feel that this goes a long way. I know I love those when I see them but definitely not the group message stuff since no one likes those anymore.
– Use your social networks in a positive fashion. No arguing politics or state of the world affairs. That stuff can wait for a day IMHO but chiming in with good words on other friends posts, that is best done a lot today.

That’s all I have to say but as usual with a post like this, I might add a photo of some of the food that was enjoyed today when that time comes. It’s not bragging, I just like taking photos of food 🙂 Enjoy your day.

Happy Halloween 2016 Readers

Jeepers, creepers my readers it’s that time of year once again and Miss Spooke and I wanted to wish you a very “Happy Halloween”.


I didn’t really have any sort of costume for her and the mask pictured was too big so let’s leave her undisguised today. She was talking to me in the shot which made this all the more fun a capture. Have a safe day today, be kind to the Trick or Treaters and if you have a stray cat that comes around your place, consider giving them something to make their day better as well. Enjoy your Halloween.

Sights From Brooklyn’s 149th Kings County Memorial Day Parade

Today is Memorial Day 2016 and just a short time ago my neighborhood of Bay Ridge was once again host to the King’s County Memorial Day Parade. This would be the 149th edition of this parade and it was initially kind of scary in terms if the weather above us. It rained a few hours ago but reports were that it would clear up around the time of the parade and lo and behold it did. Now it was time to honor those who’s service and sacrifice have helped keep this country safe and free. Once again this was to be an early starting parade, at 11am to be precise and would be led off by the Rolling Thunder motorcycle club. I grabbed my usual spot on the corner of 92nd Street and Third Avenue and snapped away for your own enjoyment for those who could not be here with us today based on no longer being in the neighborhood or with other commitments. As I’ve done in the past I will start off with the video of the Rolling Thunder and then get right into a whole lot of photographs. Please sit back, enjoy a coffee or something else to relax you and enjoy our presentation.

bay ridge parades, brooklyn kings county memorial day parade, brooklyn kings county memorial day parade 2016, memorial day parades 2016

bay ridge parades, brooklyn kings county memorial day parade, brooklyn kings county memorial day parade 2016, memorial day parades 2016

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