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One Last Summer For Duke’s Bar at Gramercy :(

Logo - Dukes Bar

It’s with incredible sadness that I share the email that I just received about Duke’s Bar, which has been one of my very favorite places to get together before Metal and Rock shows at the Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theatre venues for several years now. I began my forays into Duke’s thanks to my buddy Steve Keeler who “found” the place for my own dining radar and from there I helped set up Metal pregaming hangs for more shows than can easily be counted. Here’s the email….

“To our loyal Duke’s Customers, After 20 years in the Gramercy Neighborhood, we are closing our doors at the end of the summer. Thank you for all the great times throughout the years. Our Murray Hill location at 860 Third Avenue will remain open and we hope to see you there for more of your favorite food, drinks, staff and good times”.

The note continues with their inviting patrons to join them for one last dinner on July 28th by calling 212-477-1500 to book a space while there is the means to do so.

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Front Of Duke’s Bar

I’m numb because if you have gone to the amount of shows that I have in the region, you have most likely been here on your own or as one of the masses that raised glasses with me before the charge onto the venues. This is a loss that I am surely going to feel as it draws closer to its last day. I plan on visiting Duke’s a few times before the closure as I am not sure I could handle the final night. When Smith’s Bar initially closed I did the same thing and went the night before the final night as it was easier to say goodbye in my head. Of course they had a miraculous return thanks to new owners but I am doubtful that the same shall be found with Duke’s. I’ll likely be lamenting Duke’s once again but friends and those who had enjoyed some good times at this pub with me over the years or on their own are welcome to leave comments in below since that adds some weight to these words. The sadness countdown begins now with just over one month left to go. New York City really doesn’t want to be New York City anymore it seems.

Official Website:

WTF!?! Smith’s Bar To Close On Thursday (10/30/14)!!!

Logo - Smiths Bar

When I got the news about this early this afternoon my emotions were not so much mixed and instead were thoughts of outrage, sadness and a realization that the city that I love to explore at numerous events is changing far too much for my liking. This being said I am sad to inform anyone who is reading this site that our much visited pub, Smith’s Bar will be closing up its doors for good this coming Thursday, 10/30/2014. The words are striking me hard as I type them in.


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Happy National Cheeseburger Day 2014

I have to apologize for learning about today being “National Cheeseburger Day” so late, but for those readers in the city that never sleeps you still have plenty of time to indulge and enjoy this day to the fullest.

Logo - National Cheeseburger Day

Now I will admit that I love me a good cheeseburger and for the most part have found plenty of good ones around the city and beyond while on my PiercingMetal music adventuring or just out with friends. That being said I figured that the best way to honor this special day is to reflect upon several of my favorite spots for a good cheeseburger. If you are following me on you will likely recognize some of the photographs.

I’m starting off with one of the stuffed burgers from The 13th Step. This is one of my favorite pregaming spots when I go to Webster Hall for any of their concerts. When I say stuffed burger, I mean that they literally stuff the toppings inside the meat. This was a jalapeno pepper and cheddar cheeseburger. It had some bite for sure and as you can see is served with tots. You can also opt for sweet potato fries which they do wonderfully.

The 13th Step Stuffed Burger

The 13th Step Stuffed Burger

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Eating It All @ Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Continuing along with some of the restaurants my family and I visited during my first trip down to their new location of Myrtle Beach, SC, I am up to the Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. This was something that my Father had wanted to try more than Mom did but I am surely not going to argue with being carnivorous.

rioz brazilian steakhouse

Historically speaking, I have never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse and while I’ve visited BBQ spots over the years this was something entirely different. We ordered a drink, a Mojito, which was made right in front of us from a little wagon of ingredients. It was cool and the drink super tasty, and very strong. You didn’t want to have more than one of these if you were driving anywhere soon that’s for sure.

rioz brazilian steakhouse

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Quick Eats @ Liberty Tap Room (Myrtle Beach, SC)

As a number of posts over the course of this month on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” have explained, I had headed down South early in the month to see family and now that I am back in good ole NYC, I’m getting to posting about many of the sights I enjoyed. I also wanted to serve up some images of the eats that I had if you can pardon the terrible pun and instead of lumping them all together they each get a post of their own. That brings me to the Liberty Tap Room which was the first place that my folks and I dined upon my arrival. It’s a typical pub type of place and since it was a Sunday there was not a lot of choices. Yes, outside of NYC places take off on Sunday.

liberty tap room

The place had numerous representations of the iconic Statue Of Liberty around, and this was one of the more prominent ones so I snapped a visual. I’m not going to go overboard about the decor of the place as much as share the images of the eats that we enjoyed.

liberty tap room

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